RAJINI REDDY:reddy.rajani2@gmail.com rajini reddy Hi,
I happened to meet Dr Vinodha in Anupama hospital for a lactation session.

I am a second time mom. After my C-section my baby was fed on formula milk for two days which made him difficult to get started with breast feeding.
On suggestion of a nurse,we fixed an appointment with Dr Vinodha.
 Her sessions on do’s and dont’s during breast feeding and on different feeding positions ,diet to be followed ,myths on milk supply and last but not least techniques to help baby start breast feeding were very useful. It helped me come out of depression and had given me huge confidence that i can and should breast feed my baby with out any supplements for atleast an year. Thanks a lot for valuable suggestions. Regards,A Happy Mom,Rajani

 SNEHA JAIN:snehajain52@gmail.com
I approached Dr. Vinodha for lactation support. I came to meet her with huge crack on my nipple , my baby not latching well and a huge fear from feeding. She helped me with step by step guide on how latch and position while feeding. Also lots of knowledge n faith on breast feeding. All thanks to her that today I am able to enjoy breast feeding with my baby! I just have one request that you also visit this side of city, Kukatpally is too far! 😛



NIKHILA KALLAKURI:nkallakuri91@gmail.com Hello moms, I am a mother of 3months old lo (girl). Delivered on September 4th, by c-section. Started breastfeeding on the 3rd day, had a problem of inverted nipples and didn’t know how to make my baby latch on to have feed. But luckily I was suggested to meet a lactogen and nutrition specialist by my doctor and then met Dr.Vinodha.  She helped me alot in breastfeeding, she taught me the right way to feed. I must thank her alot for this. My baby was doing good. After discharge I went home and my family thought I had low milk supply as my baby cried alot after having milk and use to stop after giving her formula. So , i met Vinodha mam again and she explained me how milk forms and how to make my baby feel comfortable.  She also gave me a diet plan and asked me to join happymoms club and then started my journey. Today me and my baby are doing good. She is completely on breastfeed. She doesn’t like to take an alternate feed. I am also thankful to happymoms club who directly and indirectly helped me in this beautiful journey. Many moms think they have low milk supply  Never come under any type of pressure and start giving your baby any alternate feed and always enjoy breastfeeding.  Seriously mother’s milk is the best gift to a mother can give to her baby.Thank you all,Thank you Dr.Vinodha and happymoms club


Hi Jayashree mam I was blessed with a baby boy day before yesterday and it was through a normal delivery.Thank you very much for all your support and especially all my other friends in the class.The journey was indeed a very pleasant one and by the end I couldn’t even wait seeing my baby….So that moment is something that every mom should experience and I also wish other moms who are due in the coming days or months best wishes and my sincere advice would be to be as cool as possible and fa e the situation as an when it comes instead of getting scared of labour pain at every stage during your pregnancy since you will loose the joy of becoming  mother………

  • Archana


I am SuhasiniVinodh and am a second time mother. I did not feed my first kid on myself. I always believe a timely advice from an expert can take us in the right path. I consulted Dr Vinodha during my second trimester itself to check if I can do something with my issue. I should say, this is the best thing I have done.

Dr Vinodha is an expert. She has got good information about the Diet/Pre Natal and Post Natal care, Pregnancy Workout and Lactation etc. She has been coaching number of would be moms and the just moms to be Sure Moms!!

My mother who has accompanied me to consult the Doctor also has been amazed the way Dr Vinodha has taught the child to latch on. This simple thing made a lot of difference. My mother says, ‘I met many experienced ladies throughout my life who can help with simple home remedies and tips for the pregnant woman, toddlers and kids but It was really good experience meeting Dr Vinodha.’

Today since am a proud and successful mom in feeding my kid, I felt my experience should bring awareness and confidence to other people too.


Dear All,
It is my turn now !
This is my first Baby !!
I delivered my little Angel  Adhira on 23rd August !!! Let me make story this stage by stage.
Stage 1: It all started with pain and discomfort on 22nd August by 11.p.m. I waited for the pain to
 increase. Then the contractions appeared 5mins once. As I was reasonably near to hospital we started only 1 p.m.
Stage 2: As soon I entered the hospital, I got the assistance of sis. Nandhini and she informed Dr.Kalaiselvi & Jayashree mam as I opted for Natural Birth. Immediately I was shifted to Labour Room. Jayashree mam came around by 2 – 3 a.m. My pain also progressed. In the mean time to my shock I was informed baby  passed motion and she was covered with meconium. Since the the heart rate was normal and pain was in progress. We were trying to deliver naturally.
Stage 3: It was around 5.a.m. I was exhausted and drained out of energy and baby also was in a place after which only pain was there but not improvement in movements. All the duty nurses my husband every body were motivating me to push harder as the hair of the baby was seen. I m pushing ! pushing but nothing was gushing out. Then I delivered my little one by 6.49 am Normally.
It was great relief after a long struggle.. I felt like a Warrior in the field. 
I convey my heart felt regards and thanks for organizing a wonderful Team. The classes gave  confidence and clarity like want is going to happen. My husband was my Complete Support. So I can’t tell I delivered the baby its WE who  delivered. We did have some insurance inconveniences and later we sorted out.
Every pain is different with Every Delivery !
Thanks much and keep stepping up !
From Sureeya

SHEETAL NEEL CHOUDARY I was in Chennai during the first 6 months of pregnancy.  I came to Vijayawada in 7 th month.  I couldn’t find any prenatal classes here in vijayawada. I was in happymom.in and Doctor Jayashree Jayakrishnan recommended me Dr.Vinodha.  I took two online classes from her in January about breastfeeding,  posture corrections,  newborn care,  etc., those classes I took gave me so much information that I never knew and cleared the confusion created by the people around me. I took a class on labour preparations on February 28th.  I can never forget this day. I got false pains and was admitted in hospital. I took this session during the pains. She is a very amiable and I can call her anytime and ask anything about pregnancy or breastfeeding .  She is my guide and mentor through out this phase of life.  I’m planning to take another class on postnatal shape up and baby massage.  I totally recommend her to anyone who is pregnant.  Thank you so much doc.  I owe you a lot

LAVANYA VINOD As it is my first pregnancy …its been very helpful for me to attend the prenatal classes. I was greatly encouraged by Dr. Vinodha for how to prepare for the labour…and as well about the diet,exercises ,breast feeding…I appreciate your friendly nature…helping us to come out many myths and helping us to know how to takecare of the baby and ourselves as well. Thank you so much vinodha.




All we know “Becoming mother is a blessing”.. It’s a “treasure of knowledge” we got to know when we met you.. Dear Vinodha We (Tejitha Varun) attended your workshop about food, medical practices & procedures session, and we consulted you for Labor Rehearsal session, came to you with bunches of questions lots of confusions.. after session we became light hearted, Your way of teaching things, demonstrating process is very simple and memorable for any one, whatever the Exercises demonstrated for normal delivery are very helpful. In that you have given some couple (pregnant & birth partner combination) exercises they are very funny and felt cheerful while doing every time, I heard that you are going to start “Latin dance” for couples, you made the experience of pregnancy a joyful time to wife & husband. No words to appreciate your research & continuous exploring global changing trend of Child birth education, that’s why that kept your sessions are very interactive to ordinary people. We wish, hope and look forward you to spread your services, launch dedicated child birth education centers, exclusive gym centers for pregnant women.

We recommend all other moms & birth partners who are confused with Myths, Misconception& beliefs of pregnancy (which begins from wakeup till bed) who want make pregnancy period a nice experience, attend sessions, do exercises under this expert child birth educator & consult every time child birth educator.. Join Happymoms group.


Hi All…
This is Samaya and here is my delivery story & this is my first baby….
I delivered my baby boy on Saturday @8:45am…
It was a normal delivery
My actual EDD was around September 10..
It all started with mild discomfort around 2 am on Saturday and I had no idea that those were contractions..
It was reoccurring once in 20 mins till 3am…
I woke my husband and Mom and told them about the discomfort.
Since I was I was able to chat ,talk,walk normally nobody imagined it to be  labour pain including the hospital nurse while we called the labour ward.
The only indication was during contractions I had the urge to pass stools but couldn’t…
This made us come to the the hospital to have a quick confirmation..
We reached the hospital around 5 and I was told that I had already dilated 4-5cm and expect the baby around 9-10….
So I was admitted and the contractions progressed very fastly and around 8:15 i started feeling the urge to push and was taken to the delivery room @8:30 and my baby boy was delivered@8:45 am…
I was told the main reason for such a fast and painless progress was because of the regular exercises and strict diet…
Loads of thanks to Jayashree mam for the eye opening classes .
From Samayapoorani