Breastfeeding /Lactation




Many traditional societies have recognized that a new mother is often vulnerable and sensitive and needs encouragement and support. The informal, traditional support system that positively reinforced breastfeeding in the past may no longer be in place where modernization and bottle-feeding have become the norm.

The promotion of breastfeeding is more complex than it may seem on the surface.The superiority of human milk over substitutes is well acknowledged by the scientific and medical communities and the general population.It is not easy to explain why parents choose artificial milk inspite of that knowledge.Many times recommending breastfeeding has been failed when compilcations arise.The reason behind this are complex.To understand these contraindications requires examing many issues involved with infant feeding practices that evolved and will continue to evolve,along with other changes in the society.



Pregnancy/Prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation

Antenatal/Prenatal Breastfeeding session: Implies the importance of Breastfeeding to the expected couples and their family members. What to expect and how to deal with common issues when to see a lactation consultant,how to recognise that your baby is healthy and breaking down of common Breastfeeding myths.


Lactation Consultations

Get an IBCLC Lactation consultation on  practical tips including demonstrations of positioning and latch, how to know your baby’s getting enough, benefits of breastfeeding to both mom and baby, feeding patterns, growth spurts, sleep states, role of fathers, nutrition for mom.


1475084482564Mother Breastfeeding Issues Consultation

Consultation for mothers who is experiencing breast or nipple pain,Nipple Bleb, Nipple Blister, Crack Nipples, Breast Abscess and Thrush. Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Referal to the concerned specialist in case of need.









Tongue Tie

We assess  Tongue tie and help in getting treated

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Fathers Role in Lactation fathers

We help fathers to recognise their role in Breastfeeding and how to help a new mom in her breastfeeding experience. We found out that those fathers who has involved in the helping mothers during their breastfeeding period seems to have their breastfeeding successful and peaceful.












Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate

Will guide in Feeding techniques and feeding modalities for Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Babies. Guided & Supervised Direct Breastfeeding taught to mother. These babies can be exclusively Breastfed were we work conjointly with Pediatrician/Neonatologist.







3rd month old Baby insufficient milk suply/Fussy Baby

We do see mothers after 3 months worried on the feeding pattern of their baby as baby is not feeding consistently and fussiness while breastfeeding , mother feels that there is a reduction in milk supply. Helping mothers to find a solution to their issues.

 IMG_20170215_105037Pre- term Breastfeeding

Many times preterm babies are been having difficulties in the transition towards breastfeeding . As it takes time for them to recover from NICU and than starting to Direct Breastfeeding is a slow gradual process. We in HappyMom helps mothers from they delivered Preterm to maintain milk supply and improve milk supply. Counselling mother on breast feeding preparation for the newborn is done.







Hyperbilirubinaemia/ NewBorn Jaundice

New born mostly get in to Physiological Jaundice mostly due to poor feeding techniques or low milk supply. we help mother to retrieve from Jaundice and going to Direct Breastfeeding and ways to avoid Physiological Jaundice also been consulted.


Working Mother and Breastfeeding and Breast Milk Feeding(Breast Pump)

Current generation mothers are 60 % in working population. Either in Government or Private Sector.There are organisations which provides 6 months of maternity leave but this not been seen everywhere. There are situations were mother has to join work in 3rd month itself. We help mothers to continue Breastfeeding or Breast milk feeding with various methods which been  discussed in detail with the mother.Provide knowledge on Breast Pumps and its usage and brands is given.


Medications and Breastfeeding

We do guide mothers on whether to continue breastfeeding while taking medications . As per  researches 90 % of the medications are compatible to breastfeeding. We do references like LACT MED APP and Dr.Hale’s Book reference can be taken for more insight.


Contraception and Breastfeeding

Contraception is important during Breastfeeding. As naturally breastfeeding gives 2% protection in contraction yet mother need to be educated on other methods which are safe for the mother to choose while Breastfeeding.Consultations done for Mothers who want to know on Contraceptive methods and Breastfeeding.


Adopted/surrogate mother breastfeed(Induce Lactation)

With new technologies and innovations Adopted mothers or Biological mothers who has baby through surrogacy has high chances of doing Direct breastfeeding and secreting Breast milk .HappyMom works with Endocrinologist and Gynaecologist to make this Induced Lactation successful. We had helped mothers in Induced Lactation and had succeeded in that also.We are currently seeing many mothers for this Induced lactation Program.



There are situations were mother been separated from babies for months or any other medical complications which had been a halt in their practice of breastfeeding can retrieve their breastfeeding practice through this RELACTATION method.


Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets

HappyMom advices moms on their breastfeeding practice for twins and triplets from antenatal period onwards.We been successful in guiding moms in exclusive breastfeeding form many twin pregnancies.consults on family preparation,father support , time management and feeding methods.


Weaning from Formula/Bottle  feeds and transfer to Direct Breastfeeds

Situations arises were mom been placed to give formula . We Happy Mom help you in the weaning process and also in the smooth transition to breastfeed also been guided with our consultations.


Weaning Breastfeeding

Weaning from Breastfeeding  depends upon the choice of the mother.   We always guide on Baby led weaning while there are other methods of weaning is also there.


Starting of Solid Food

We help moms in the starting of complementary foods , ways to start, what to do, what to expect and what not to do been consulted in detail with new mom and family members.



The mechanical hum drum of life had somehow made women lose their traditional breastfeeding patterns.In order to go back to the roots MILC was formed.Mothers’ & Infants’ Lactation/Breastfeeding Care Centre (MILC) was started by Dr.Subramaniam,Dr.Meenakshi Subramaniam and Dr.Padmini Balagopal on May 2009 to create an awareness about breastfeeding and to help mothers to breastfeed in comfort.

Under the guidance of Dr.Padmini Balagopal , Happy Mom and MILC centre are working together in spreading the importance of Breastfeeding from 2009 onwards.We been conducting Training Programs for Health Care Professionals,Community health care programs, Talks in Colleges , Workshops in Companies …etc


Happy Mom been working with Vijaya Hospital in supporting Human Milk Bank

Vijaya Human Milk Bank

You can make a difference in a baby’s life by Donating Breastmilk

Donating your breast milk is one of the most precious act of kindness you can do for sick babies and preterm babies. Most mothers of newborn produce enough milk for their babies. Unfortunately when a baby is born early, mothers are not able to produce enough milk because they are under great stress or ill themselves.

What do we do in our milk bank???

Our milk bank collects and pasteurizes the donated breast milk using state of the art equipment which is then stored. We distribute this milk to sick and preterm babies in Chennai Neonatal Units.

How can you become a milk donor?

Donating is easy. If you are blessed with extra milk, you can help us by expressing your milk with a breast pump and this milk will be used for sick babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and your milk will save their lives.

How can you help us???

It is a request to mothers who have excess milk to donate milk.If you are not a potential donor still you could help us by spreading this information to your friends and relatives.

Outreach nurses:

This is a special service we have in our milk bank where in our nurses come to the potential donor’s home (If the mother is not able to come to our Milk Bank) to collect milk and also to do screening blood tests. (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B &C tests are done free of cost)


Why breast milk for preterm & sick babies than formula feed?

Breast milk improves growth, neurodevelopment, protects the immature gut from infection. Breast milk is the primary diet for preterm babies.


For further information, contact:

Vijaya Human Milk Bank at NICU

NICU-in charge

Vijaya Hospital, NSK Salai, Vadapalani

Chennai – 26.

Ph: 044 24802221, Ext252/262