Labor and Delivery

Birth Fears Workshop:

Exploring Expectations and Fears of Labor. This is an uplifting and creative one designed to help pregnant women (and partners) identify their preconceived expectations of labor, acknowledge their fears and find their personal coping skills that will serve them in labor.

Labor Support/Labor Exercise Specialist  in Chennai & Hyderabad:

Labor Exercise specialist provides Pelvic tilting Exrecises and positions which favors in the descending of the baby and do help in the progression of labor. These Ex,Specialist do understand the biomechanics of Pelvis for the woman throughout the entire labor providing an emotional support, physical preparation , an objective viewpoint and guides the woman in getting the information which she needs to make good decisions during labor.

What’s a Labor Exercise Specialist, Anyway?

A Labor Exercise Specialist is a person who has knowledge on the Body Biomechanics.As Pregnant body changes its centre of Gravity point in her body changes that has been reflected in the gait they adapt during walking and other positions. During labor also these specialist understand the movements which has to be performed which assists in tilting the pelvic with different exercise positions. This would be performed throughout labor and helps mother to adapt a position which favors in easier childbirth and reducing the perineal tear.

How Can a LES Help Me?


To have a natural birth our ancestors were been prepared unknowingly by keep continuing their work till feel the bear down of baby.  This what the Pelvis tilting which happens during labor which favors in better progression of labor and reducing the length of labor.

During Labor how will Exercise Specialist help?


This is Rathnadevi Kandhavel. Here is our dream story that became live on August 4 (natural delivery like my grand mothers). It is quite lengthy one please bear with me.
During my early days of pregnancy, I was not aware of these many birth choices at all. When I contacted Jayashree mam regarding classes, I was really very keen only on the exercise classes alone as I thought that those exercises alone are enough for a delivery. After attending the orientation, I realised that not alone exercise but mental preparation of the couples and the whole family is also needed for the natural birth. Thanks to Jayashree mam for giving such clarity and testing our will power to recommend for natural delivery.
My EDD was August 6, 2019. But I didn’t get any pain till August 3. When I came for checkup on August 3,  I am 1 cm dilated and my water level was down to 5. But, I didn’t get pain. I was just given 24 hours time to get natural pain due to low water level. When I got pain in the frequency of 2 mins, we started moving to hospital. When I got admitted at 6 AM, I was just 2 cm dilated with frequent pain.
After 7 hours of labour pain without any medication, I was completely dilated and started to labour room. That miracle of natural birth without any medicine happened at 1.52 PM. We got our little princess in our hands. We were full of joy and happiness after seeing her face every pain was just a drop of dew on a sunny day.
I would like to thank  Jayashree mam for all the knowledge about whole pregnancy. Both of your combination made our delivery a miracle and the most most unforgettable one in our life.
Thanks to the whole  team for helping us achieve this  natural delivery without any medicine. Keep Rocking Guys!!!!!
Rathna devi