My Birth Story






Wednesday we took off from work as I was schedule for the last growth scan before the delivery at 38 weeks and 4 days. It was ok, baby not yet descended but all parameters were normal.


I woke up at midnight to go to rest room and I felt a PLUCK popping out with light colorless leakage mixed with light red blood. We are getting little closer – I thought to myself.


10.01.2019 – Thursday

I decide to stay safe, work from home and go to the office on Friday for Pongal celebration. I felt something like mild cramps, but I didnot considered I might be in labor.I was very busy during the day, I took a swim, eat very little.


In the afternoon I decided to call Jayashree and tell her about the plug. She advise to go to the hospital and have it checked. To be honest, I was not too happy about it since I could not tell anything different and I had to pack the hospital suitcase. We went anyway, the doctor on duty confirmed the water was not broken and baby hasn’t descended yet. She offered to get admitted for observation but I decided to go back home.


We went to bed quite early, planning to watch a movie but I spent most of the evening in the bathroom pampering. Daniel fell asleep and the cramps started to grow in intensity. Even though I downloaded an app for contraction monitoring and there was definitely a pattern in the “cramps” it did not cross my mind that this is it –  I am in labor. I expected the pain to be much more sudden and powerful.


11.01.2019 – Friday

I was able to fall asleep between few waves of pain but these were getting more intense. Around 1:00 I asked Daniel to check the cervix but he could not tell any difference and went back to sleep. I could not sleep, I was a bit disappointed and went outside for a walk. Standing, the pain got stronger and stronger and I had to stop in between the waves. After 20 minutes I went back inside.

At 3:00 I woke up Daniel he checked the cervix and he could feel something, baby’s head maybe. He called Jayashree and she told us to go to the hospital. I took a shower, packed and started around 3:30. ECR was empty and quite, the ride was smooth – I had just few bearable contractions.

We reached the hospital before 4:00 and I was checked by the doctor on duty. She confirmed dilatation of 4-6 cm and that I will give birth today. I was happy to hear and told myself to hold on. The gynecologist on duty came as well and confirmed dilatation of 6-8 cm, delivery in the next 2 hours. I was even more thrilled and fell a sudden urge to go to the toilet. Daniel helped me reach the bathroom in the lobby where I had 2 strong contractions.I could definitely feel the baby’s head. I started to moan loudly and felt good there was none around (except a guy sleeping undisturbed on a bench). To distract myself during the contractions I began counting and set as goal to hold it till 20. It went on like this.



I the lobby I had another 2-3 contractions leaning on my suitcase and I didn’t feel like moving, my mind was blank. I kept telling myself out loud. This shall pass as well! This shall pass as well!

I was taken in a wheel chair to the room, but I could only stand 2 contractions in the bathroom, the baby’s head was dropping and I could feel an unbearable burning sensation. I was then taken into the labor room. The pool was getting ready, it was half full. A nurse wanted to shave me, I refused (I shouldn’t have – easier hygiene after birth in case of stitches). I entered the pool, I felt really good, comforting. They poured more hot water, it felt even better. Daniel was behind me, one leg in the pool supporting me.

The contractions we very strong, I was more concerned about baby’s head and the unbearable burning sensation. I could feel the baby head with my hand. I could even see it. The urge to push felt more like the baby pressing to come out. The two doctors were trying to support my perineum and told me the baby is coming with the next contraction if I push. I brave myself telling myself to push in order to avoid another contraction, in the end of this the baby will be here. And I did. I saw the shoulders and felt the baby sliding out of me. They put it immediately on my chest, the back towards me. The head and feet were purple-blueish. Long limbs but very small altogether.

I open the legs and asked Daniel what is it! A boy!!! He squeaked and cried a little. I kept saying ecstatic “my baby, my baby, my baby” – I was happy, Daniel had tears in his eyes. I asked about the time 5:06, 11.01.2019 – Baby of Adina (how he was later named in his medical record) was born.  They cut the cord while I was still in the tube and took to baby to be checked by the pediatrician – Daniel went along with the baby behind a curtain in the labor room. I could hear he was doing fine.

Jayashree arrived, the baby was faster. The doctor stitched the tears I got which was extremely painful despite the local anesthesia I received.

They brought the baby and we tried feeding – I worked. I was shortly taken into the room and a whole new life started.

While having my pregnancy followed at the renowned hospital chain in Chennai, I felt I needed a more natural approach to birth. After a thorough online search I decided to visit Bloom hospital. I was interested in the natural birth option, eventually water birth while having a strong medical backup in case something goes wrong. We very well welcomed and explained the whole approach, we visited the facility and enrolled in birth preparation classes. I immediately felt confident that the Bloom staff could supportneeded.

The preparation classes were an excellent occasion to get to know Jayashree, the staff and the hospital premises. The pregnancy monitoring and the delivery went as expected. We were treated very professionally, we were given the space we needed as a new family.

I thank Dr. Nazeem for following the pregnancy, Dr. Kalaiselviand theDr. On Duty for the assistance at birth, Dr. Jayashree for giving me the confidence needed to follow myinstinct and to all the nurses (especially Meenakshi and Suganya) for the care and friendliness given.

I heartily recommend Bloom hospital for delivery.Dr. Kavitha Gautam built an excellent and supportive team which will give each family the assistance and support needed.

 Priya Antony

Hi, this is Antony, husband of Priya, writing the birthing story of our second child through a natural VBAC.


Wewere blessed with a girl, 7 years back. The pregnancy was normal throughout, and the water broke a week earlier than EDD. Since there were no contractions even after 5 hours of inducing, it ended up being a caesarean.As someone who has always wanted to undergo joy of labour, it was very difficult for my wife to accept it. She found it hard to go through the constraints that followed a caesarean, which was aggravated by a long and painful PPD.

When we decided to have our second child around 5 years back, my wife was hoping for a VBAC. We were in the US where VBAC was considered a possibility. Unfortunately, the pregnancy, while in the US, ended up being a miscarriage after 9 weeks.


After our return to India in 2017, we were worried, as we weren’t sure, if VBAC was even an option in India. Luckily,wechanced upon Bloom birthing centre. We attended Jayashree mam’s birthing classes without much expectations. We registered for the full course, as we felt good just after the first class. Through the sessions, we understood more about child birth, the process, preparation and the birthing options.

Firstly, it was refreshing to hear about people who think that VBAC is a feasible option and come to know of mothers who have had this -especially, with the standard guidance for a pregnancy with first as caesarean, is a follow-up C-section.

Through the sessions, we got to understood about the various options and how VBAC is not such a risky option as has been perceived.


By God’s grace, the entire pregnancy was normal and we were getting ready on deciding on delivery options. My wife got interested in natural birth, and through the course of the pregnancy, her inclination toward it grew stronger.

As the birthing partner is the decision maker, my wife kept insisting me that I somehow make it anatural birth. However, my goal was to avoid a follow-up C-section, and was ready to go with any option as long as it avoids a C-Section.  While I didn’t commit anything to my wife, I said to myself that I will do my best to make this a natural birth. I was conscious of the pros & cons of having an epidural (especially, its impact in the later stages of the labour for VBAC)


THE LABOUR – Preparation

  • On Aug 12 (Sunday), Priyahad mild painless contractions(around 15 mins apart). EDD was Aug 20
  • The next day, contractions were 15 mins apart with some pain. Had some brown discharge as well. We were a little excited, as we knew the time was near. Spoke to Jayashree mam, to check on things to be ready with.
  • On Tuesday morning, we visited the hospital to check on the effacement. (Jayashree mam said, I could have done this myself, had we been diligent on the perineal massage). It was just 1 cm dilation with 25% effacement – we were a little disappointed as the doctor it could be another 5 days.During the day, she started have irregular but frequent contractions (between 7 & 15 mins) and each lasted about 30 secs. But the pain was that of a period. She sat through the whole night with no sleep, as lying down multiplied the pain.
  • Through Wednesday, the frequency was continuing to be irregular, but the pain was a bit more. Around noon a thick brown discharge happened. Post which pain subsided only to return stronger later in the evening. Though the doctor asked us to wait till EDD, given the pain symptoms and the frequency/duration of the contractions, we got excited again and wanted to have a check-up.

THE LABOUR – Water breakage

On Wednesday, we went to the hospital at around 9:15 PM, and waited for the gynec to arrive. Meanwhile, we were told to take an NST. The nurse had difficulty getting the readings in the sitting position, as my wife could not lie down due to the aggravated pain. The gynec arrived around 10:30 PM, and made an internal examination. It was found the dilation & effacement has remained the same (just around 1 cm). Disappointment again& also confused, as the frequency/duration of the contractions seemed like that of a Labour! But just around the same time of examination, the water broke. We were told to get admitted.

Given that we had opted for a natural birth, we had the option of getting admitted, or go back home and come back at regular intervals for check. But, we decided to get admitted. An IV line with antibiotic was added. Jayashree mam clarified, that since the water broke, the antibiotic was to avoid any infection. And she also confirmed that, this would still continue to be a natural birth, as this does not intervene the birthing process.


THE LABOUR – Labour Pain

I know my wife as a mentally strong person, and how much preparation she has made toward labour. Labour kicked in around 11 PM, and the very moment, all the preparation went for a toss -she asked for an epidural.  I knew this was coming, but definitely not in the first contraction. I can only imagine how the pain would have been, for her to give up at the first contraction. Around 1 AM, the doctor said the dilation was just 3 cm but no difference in effacement.  I know, this could go on for much longer. Priya was literally begging me for an epidural every minute. I was preparedto help her through the pain, but I was unsure if she was physically capable, as it has been 3 days since the start and this was the second sleepless night. Spoke to Jayashree mam, but she reassured it was going to be alright – just believed her!I just had to keep calming Priya(which never worked) through the night. Through the night, another couple of NST were taken. (By the way, each NST lasts for 20 mins – not a woman would want during labour). Around 4 AM, the gynec checked again and it was around 4 – 5 cm with 25% dilation on one side and 50% on another side (Till then, wasn’t aware that there could be varying degrees of dilations).  My wife even blurted that a c-section is fine too (Now, I didn’t expect that!) as the pain was out of the world and she would die of it. I had to somehow keep her going till Jayashree mam arrived in the morning. At around 6 AM, I spoke to her and she said, we can definitely make this a natural birth and we were only a couple of hours away – I didn’t understand this, as dilation was just around 4 cm and all through the night this has not progressed much.

Around 7 AM, they were getting the labour room ready and getting my wife prepared to shift to the labour room. Though I myself, was not clear, I kept telling Priya that the time is near and it is just going to be just an hour or so. Anyway, she didn’t believe me, and wanted an epidural at least to get intermediate relief. By around 8, we were shifted to the labour room and laid on the labour bed. She wasn’t comfortable in any position. By this time Jayashree mam had also come, which was a big relief for me. We setup the floor bed (which we had bought and kept in the car trunk). Once ready, Priya wanted to move to the floor. She tried many positions, finally, got comfortable in a position, where I was supporting her back. After this, it was just pushing and our bundle of joy was out in a few minutes. Ethan was delivered on August 16, 2018 at 9.42 AM and the pain stopped the very moment. We were also surprised to see the amount of fluid that came out (not much had gone out from the water breakage).

THE LABOUR – Stage 3

I left the room after I saw the baby, and they were getting my wife ready for Stage 3.

While I was away, the placenta was removed, the pain was similar to that of a period and thegynec massaged the lower abdomento push it out.

THE LABOUR – Perineum tear

All through our preparation, the only thing, that we couldn’t decide on was the episiotomy. My wife wanted it to be completely natural (no episiotomy), but I didn’t decide either way, as a tear would naturally occur in most cases.We decided to go with my discretion at the time of delivery. However, during labour, things went one after the other and the perineum tear was not even in my mind and nothing was done. The delivery resulted in a 2nd degree tear and shegot 4 stiches. Later Jayashree mam said, we could have reduced the tear, had we been diligent in the perineal massage (we couldn’t do it regularly, as it was difficult to get some private time and energy with a 7-year-old in the house)



It has been 4 months since the birth, and the mother and baby are doing fine. Looking back, Priya is very happy and couldn’t really belief, how this turned out to be a perfect natural VBAC. She keeps thanking me for making it to happen. And our thanks to Jayashree mam for the guidance and support through the pregnancy and during the birth


Some pointers:

  • Unless you have a strong reason to opt for a natural birth, you might end up not having one
  • If you really want a birthing of your choice, it is primarily through the knowledge and support of the partner (mother will not be able to make any decision during the labour)
  • As a husband, I wasn’t prepared until at least the 35th week, which is not sufficient. Please be prepared much ahead.
  • Finally, there is always God’s guidance, as all events have to align right. In our case, by His grace, the pregnancy was normal throughout the 39 weeks.

Our water birth journey.


The Search:

Vinod and I preferred alternative medicines like acupressure even before the pregnancy, so when it came to the birth of our baby boy we wanted to have a natural, normal delivery without any medical intervention. We were so desperately searching for hospitals that understood our condition and catered to our expectations. We had enrolled with almost 4 hospitals including a Govt. hospital and none of those hospitals gave us what we wanted.


The Finding:

I was 5 months pregnant when I happened to read an interview of Dr. Kavitha Gautham & Dr. Jayashree in the Tamil magazine Vikatan. We were surprised to find that they had spoken in detail about enabling ‘Water Births’ at Bloom Birthing Centre in Velachery… this was something we had read about and had wanted explore but we assumed that something so extraordinary would not be available in Chennai. Having read the article and checked out their website we decided to pay the birthing center a visit.

The First Impression:

We got an appointment with Dr. Kavitha Gautham the very next day. She was so down to earth, she patiently explained all about natural birth options they provide, clarified all our silly doubts, and boosted our confidence to have a natural delivery. The fact that she said that the husband should also be there in the labour room ultimately made us choose Bloom over any other birthing centre. Dr.Kavitha introduced us to Dr. Jayashree who walked us through this amazing journey.

The Preparation

Dr. Jayashree enrolled us in an ongoing Antenatal session. This was totally new to us and we had never heard about it before. Every weekend Dr.Jayashree conducted a session on various topics related to childbirth. First week we had an orientation session followed by talks (classes??) Natural birth choice, Breastfeeding, Newborn care, Labour room etiquette, etc. There we met many many couples like us, befriended many. We were frequently in touch with most of them in a whatsapp group created by Dr. Jayashree which educated us in many aspects.

Dr. Jayashree also enrolled us in Aquanatal exercise session that both the future parents (us) had to attend.These classes consisted of exercises done in a swimming pool assisted by Ms. Jennifer who is a Mid-Wife & Aqua-natal trainer from US.

The exercise and poses we did in the aqua-natal classes ensured that muscles in the body had been safely stretched and that all parts of the body were relaxed. We were so excited before every aquanatal session. We also practiced the swimming exercise regularly.

We were totally prepared for the delivery on 36th week itself.

The D-Day(s)

Fast forward to the 38th week of pregnancy on September 3rd 2016, at01.00am in the morning my waters broke, I spotted a little blood but experienced no pain. Dr. Jayashree had educated us not to panic when waters break and to leave for the hospital only after frequent contractions start. But as we spotted blood, we called Dr. Jayashree immediately who asked us to get admitted in hospital for observation.

During our final antenatal session she had given us a list of things we needed to carry to the hospital, at the time of delivery, this was already in the car fully packed. All the preparation had helped us be calm.

We took our time and got admitted at Bloom around 3.30am. The Duty Doctor came to us, checked for contractions, and found that they were mild and that dilation was only at 1 cm

The Dining and Dancing:

We got our private room and we got to relax there. Mild contractions were there throughout the day but not very frequent. Dr. Jayashree was in touch over the phone. She visited us around 1.30pm and got us to the labour room. Meanwhile the birth pool had been filled with warm water.

As there was no progress in dilation Dr. Jayashree got us to an empty floor and made me walk, climb the stairs and squat quickly.No progress. She asked Vinod to get me whatever food I like. He got meveg manchurian, masala puri, cheese balls,Chese Sandwich,curd rice,idly’s etc.and a soup. I had all this and started continuing my exercise drill.

Dr also taught us a Salsa move, made us dance on that floor. Finally the salsa had taken some effect and we proceeded to the labour room around 7pm. We were accompanied by Dr. Jayashree and a nurse.

vidhuranThe Laughing and Crying: (Vinod Speaks…)

Aarthy had started getting pain so she got into the birth pool but the dilation was not as expected. So she was on and off the pool, walking and climbing stairs. Meanwhile for every hour nurses were checking the heartbeat of the baby.

As advised by Dr. Jayashree I had carried my laptop in which I had movies, songs and Mr. Bean episodes. In middle of all this drill we were watching Mr. Bean videos.

Around 11pm Dr felt that there will be progress if Aarthy sleeps. So she gave her a dose of painkiller. (That is the one and only medication given to Aarthy throughout the pregnancy till delivery.) Yet Aarthy couldn’t sleep, she continued to getting into the pool and walking up and down the corridor. Her contractions werecoming more frequently but the dilation was very slow.

Around 4am Aarthy vomited and also had stooling sensation. Post that she felt sleepy. That is when Dr. Jayashree told us that her kid is down with fever so she will visit her kid and come back within Aarthy wakes up. Such a determined dedicated doctor!

Aarthy slept well till 7am and woke up only when Dr. Jayashree came back. Contractions started getting severe and stooling sensation increased around 11am. Aarthy felt like sitting in western toilet most of the time. Very hot water had been filled in the pool which Aarthy felt very soothing but I couldn’t even touch. Dilation was progressing at this time.

The Prince is Crowned:

Around 1.30pm Dr. Jayashree examined and confirmed that thebaby is crowning. The paediatrician was informed, water temperature in pool was brought down to 34 degrees to accommodate the baby.

Aarthy started getting more and more dilated. She started to push, I was supporting her from behind. In the mirror kept in the pool I could see the baby’s hair first. Doctors and nurses were motivating her more since the head was coming in and out for some time. Aarthy sat in squat position and tried but the same thing continued. She was given the middle portion of a bed sheet to pull, while the other ends were held by two nurses. She started to pull the bed sheet and tried pushing more but at one stage she gave up and asked the doctor try to cut open and deliver the baby.

IMG_20161109_161845Vidhuran Arrives:

But Dr. Jayashree motivated her to continue what she did and at last the head came out totally. That is when doctors noticed the umbilical cord wrapped around baby’s neck which was the reason for the delay. It was unwrapped and baby came out. I couldn’t control my tears (emotions??) when I saw our little champ. Totally broke down seeing our little darling. Dr said it is a boy and handed over to us immediately. We both were crying holding him inside the pool. 2.32pm it was.

The placenta was out in another 10 minutes. As requested by us the umbilical cord clamping had been delayed for 45 minutes. They let all the precious placenta blood drain to the body. Doctor handed over a scissor post that to cut the cord. Somehow I cut it despite shivering hands.Baby was given some drops and in a few minutes Dr. Jayashree brought him to Aarthy for feeding.

Highlight Post-delivery is Aarthy had few stitches, relaxed for some time in labour room, had a tender coconut and walked back to our room on her own.

So this is our exceptional delivery in Bloom. Had we gone to any other hospital I am sure that we would have left the place only with a C-section. Dr. Jayashree and Dr. Kavitha have made possible this 33 hour long, natural delivery of a baby with the cord wrapped around his neck,without any medication.


We are very thankful to the doctors and nurses who made this possible  .


Hypnobirth in Water

I have attended hypnobirth sessions during the 30th week of pregnancy . After the session I have written my birth script and use to practice it daily.90% of mu labor was happened exactly what I have written in my birth script .Whenever I felt low or was in pain , my husband used to tell some script with music because of this practice I have shed a drop of tear during my labor. As I am a first time mother and I am a kind of person who fears of everything but hypnobirth session does wonders in my labor . I almost gone to meditative state .I was able to relax my body enough to not to experience the pain associated with childbirth that you see often in movies. Thanks to Jayashree Mam.

WATER BIRTH Sinduja Venkatesh

Life got a new redemption when one fine morning a small plastic strip showed 2 purple lines. Nausea, needles, scans to kicks. You get this magnetic belly winning gratitude and prime priority of loved ones to strangers. Is it a dream or for real I had this sense of swimming in a wet pool, half asleep I found this for real. Did I pee on my bed, woke up shocked, but found the fluid rather different.
OMG! Finally waiting for 9 days past due realized that my D day has come. The time was 5 a.m. in the morning of 20th September. Unlike the usual jitters of labor due to a long wait of when it would start, walking days after my due date, I was enthusiastic felt like tapping my toes for some jazz music, gulped my favorite muffins and arrived at the birthing center. My pain had begun; it mimicked more of those monthly cramp ones. Took the admission and moved to the ward room.

Around 7.30 am the doctor had an internal examination followed by a CTG and told me the baby is doing well. But my contractions are yet to be more vital. I prepared my mind for I knew that am going to have a long day. As advised by the doctor I restricted myself with the bed. By 10 am my contractions started setting in, until 3 pm the contractions were in 15-20 minutes interval for about few seconds slowly fading off to ineffectual ones and none by 5pm. There was more water leakage as my diapers got heavier every hour. Was confused as there was nil reaction in my body after 6 pm. Started walking brisk ones to climbing staircase I was certainly getting bored. To make it interesting we played throw ball! Yeah you’re reading it right, though astonishing throw ball with a big belly, was a good distraction with exercise.

Around 8 pm post the games I wanted to kill my hunger with some lip smacking cheese balls & cheese juicy pizzas & I pursued so. Some pain post dinner peeked in and vanished before I could feel happy about it. Around 9 pm came by angel Dr. Jayashree with my Gynecologist Dr. Kavitha Gautham. On internal examination they got to see the baby is not descended down and that I have miles to go. Under Dr. Jayashree I moved to the labor suite room from the ward room with my enthusiastic husband. My husband chose to decor the room hanging some motivational bulletins around the room. I knew that am physically prepared by the pre-natal exercises, as I marched into the room I thought I should enjoy this, never shed a tear & got myself mentally prepared.

Time was 10 pm. Drills & exercises started, my hubby actively took part too, with my favorite playlist of ARR. We set in this josh and just abided by the activities I was put across. Dr. Jayashree wrapped a long cotton saree across my tummy holding both ends in her hand standing on the bed, made gentle swinging motion, was confused what the doctor was up to but got certainly dazed as my thin pointed belly got into a pot belly. She changed the position of the baby facilitating exit sooner.

The clock strikes 1 am and I realize its 21st. I mumbled within me I should finish the long wait today. My contractions started becoming much regular and intense. I couldn’t bear any more in the land; also I was much tempted to soak myself in the pool. Dr. Jayashree let me in finally , the water was quite hot when I dropped my feet in , I grew skeptical whether I would like this , but when my next contraction set in I decided to stick myself there and not get out. It was soothing and so relieving. My ever romantic husband lit candles around filling the room with aroma of aqua mist. Lights were dimmed. These factors were a big distraction for the cramps. The pain waves visited me though, but I know I could manage better. Dr. Jayashree massaged my abdomen and distracted me more by asking our love story. She always got it right; as I narrated I got engrossed until I completed the story of ours.

Around 2.15 am she wanted me out of the pool. Some food was delivered by Zomato. The pain was horrible but I managed to gulp the food as my husband fed me. Soon after food I dozed off in no time, though the pain waves still hit me. At about 5 am I woke up to see my husband static, eyes closed but hands in motion fanning me. And my angel of the doctor waiting patiently for me, wishing the doctor morning & thanked her for letting me take a nap .At about 7 am the pain was even more horrible I was constantly shuttling between warm showers, flushing water in my belly to lying in bed for rest. The pain titers kept escalating higher & higher. Dr. Jayashree was very much keen to know if my pain is accompanied by an urge to push but apparently I did not have any such feeling.
It was 2 pm afternoon and my Gynecologist dr. Kavitha visited me, doing an internal examination she got to see very little progress, and advised me to go for I.V injection of Drotin and Systoin to quicken the process as it’s already been 33 hours since my sac broke. We were in a jiffy state about it, after a lot of thought we decided to go about with it. After the administration of those injections the pain my contractions were so kinetic, that I could say it was such a blinding excruciating pain. I could never localize where I had the pain, it was like all over my body. Ultimately I got into the real active labor, Dr. Jayashree had been constantly monitoring my baby’s heart beat and she continued to do so. Everything was doing well. I was still in land. Doctor was doing massages and she also had a wooden roller massager handy making strokes in my hand as this would activate the labor point.

At about 6.30pm I finally happened to get the urge to push which the doctor had been asking all day. Doctor wanted me to practice some pushes in land, but the hell of a pain along with some urge of passing a ton amount of stools like feel was haunting me down. I forced doctor to put me in pool as I felt I should take the pain in control while I concentrate on pushing. Time was 7 pm and doctor let me in the pool. Stepping in I decided to finish the battle soon, the pain was much tolerable inside the water, as guided my Dr. Jayashree I was concentrating with the pushing. My initial pushes were loud and more of screams but later I held my breath and just made some mighty pushes. I in the pool was surrounded by Dr. Jayashree, my Gynecologist Dr. Suthanthira Devi, 2 duty doctors, 3 nurses and my tensed husband in front holding a torch. I felt like a cricketer in the court to finish a nail biting Match, remembered M.S.Dhoni (yes am a diehard fan!).

Finally after a lot of thrust my little ones hair showed out, I felt my baby for the first time. I know am close but decided to take a break to analyze. Taking a deep breath I could see some tolerable wave of pain, some big load to push down, and my husband with the torch in front was encouraging me saying he could see little ones hair! Picking up all energy I could I made this one last power packed push to deliver my baby out, like Dhoni’s winning “6” hurrah! Delivered as both head and shoulder came out. The rest of the body was drawn out by Dr. Suthanthira Devi. I saw my baby’s face but my eyes rushed Down to break the surprise of all the 10 months plus 10 days wait, is it a he or she I tried glancing there with a blurry vision. But with a lot of joy there I saw my husband crying “it’s a girl, it’s a girl” My story would have been really long as my labor. Thanks for the patience, it was a rollercoaster ride and I attribute my successful labor to one stalwart of a woman Dr. Jayashree.



From my 20 th week of pregnancy i started attending these antenatal classes from Bloom birthing centre. I was always googling and learning how to keep myself and mybaby healthy but birth choices from my limited knowledge i knew only normal , water and c section deliveries. I expected only excersises to be part of these classes but these sessions turned out to be much  more than that. I learned all the birth choices available ,how to prepare ur and partners mind and body for the experience , what to expect and how it can go awry irrespective of how prepared u are. I felt so confident in facing my delivery, ate healthy, i always had answers for all the elder’s do this and do that kind of probes scientifically and walked an hr per day and did my excersises atleast 5 times a week for an hr till my 41 st week of pregnancy.  My husband and Jayashree mam were very supportive till the end and Jayashree mam  has offered support post  delivery also. She is very resilient and more determined than the mother herself to get her through a natural / water birth. The kind of support she offers throughout labour is something which cannot be explained. Though i have chosen natural birth i could not continue it due to my pain tolerability and my very slow progressing labour but she was with me throughout urging and guiding me and was taking my adamancy too well till i  put my foot down to take an epidural and even after that she respected my decision and made sure i was well taken care off. 

Though i was a first time  mother i knew more than the regular mothers  , thanks to jayashree mam. :


A fathers view Elangovan

ஆணுக்கும் இரண்டாம் பிறப்பு!
“பிரசவம், ஒரு பெண்ணுக்கு மட்டுமல்ல ஆணுக்கும் மறுபிறப்பே. ஆண்களின் அதிகாரத்தை ஒழிப்பதில் முக்கிய பங்கு, பிரசவத்துக்கு உண்டு. எங்கோ நமக்கு தெரியாமல் ஒட்டிக்கொண்டிருக்கும் அதிகாரங்களும் கூட அழிய வேண்டுமென்றால், பிரசவ அறை பயணித்தால் போதும்.”

பரபரப்பு, படபடப்பு, இறுதியில் சுபம் என அழகான திரைப்படம் போலவே எங்கள் பிரசவமும் அரங்கேறியது. கரு உண்டான மகிழ்ச்சிகரமான அந்த நொடியில் இருந்தே அதற்கு தயாராகிவிட்டார் என் இணையர். மருத்துவ கல்லூரி போகாத ஒரு மருத்துவராகவே மாறி, உணவிலிருந்து உள்ளம், உடல் என அனைத்துக்குமான பயிற்சிகளை மேற்கொள்ளத் தொடங்கிவிட்டார். தினம் இரண்டு மணி நேர வாக்கிங், ஒருமணி நேர உடற்பயிற்சி. டங்கல் நாயகியாகவே தயாரானார். என்னைப் பொறுத்தவரை பிரசவம் என்றால் வெளியே கணவர் இருப்பார். கொஞ்ச நேரத்தில் குழந்தை சத்தம் கேட்கும். மருத்துவர்கள் வெளியே வந்து உங்களுக்கு குழந்தை பிறந்துள்ளது என்பார்கள். இப்படிதான் சினிமாத்தனமான கற்பனை செய்திருந்தேன். ஆனால் மருத்துவமனை போனபிறகுதான் தெரிந்தது பிரசவங்களிலும் பல வகை உண்டு என்று. Natural birth, normal birth, water birth, ‘c’ section. தானே வலி வந்து, சின்ன கத்தி கீறல் கூட போடாமல் முழுமையாக தாமே முயற்சித்து குழந்தையை பெற்றுக்கொள்வது Natural birth-ம். அதாவது நம்ம பழைய கால வழக்கப்படி ஒரு மருத்துவர் துணையோடு இயற்கையாக குழந்தைப் பெற்றுகொள்வது. இதில், கணவரும் அருகில் இருக்கலாம். நாங்கள் இதையே தேர்வு செய்தோம். வலி தொடங்கிய நாள் மருத்துவமனையில் சேர்த்தோம். உண்மையில் வாழ்க்கையின் உன்னதத்தை உணரும் கனம் அங்கிருந்தே தொடங்கியது. எம் வாழ்வின் மறக்க முடியாத 36 மணி நேரத்திற்கான கடிகார முட்கள், தமது முதல் நொடியை அங்கிருந்தே ஒலிக்கத் தொடங்கியது.

கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சமாக வலி தொடங்கவும், உடற்பயிற்சியை தொடங்கச் சொன்னார் மருத்துவர். என் இணையர், டக் வாக், பைடாக், என அனைத்துவித உடற்பயிற்சியும் என் கைபிடித்து தொடங்க, அவரோடு சேர்ந்து நானும் உடற்பயிற்சி செய்வதாக ஆனது. அவர் வலியை குறைக்க கனிவான வார்த்தைகள் கொண்டு நான் கொஞ்ச முயற்சிக்க, அதுவும் கூட அந்த வலியில் கடுமையாக தோன்றியதோ என்னவோ, திட்டித் தீர்த்தார். (நண்பன் படத்தில் இறுதி பிரசவ காட்சியில் நம்ம விஜய் வாங்கியதும் எனக்கு விழுந்தது  ) தொடக்கத்தில் அரை மணி நேர இடைவெளியில் தொடங்கிய வலி, போக போக நிமிட இடைவெளியில் தொடர்ந்தது. குழந்தை பிறப்பதற்கான நேரம் நெருங்கி வருகிறது என்று உடற்பயிற்சியை தீவிரப்படுத்தினார் மருத்துவர். வலி பொறுக்கமுடியாமல் கதறினார். அதுதான் சரியான நேரம் என்று உடற்பயிற்சி தீவிரமாக்கப்பட்டது. வாழ்வில் தாளமுடியா துயரமென்பது, நாம் உயர்வாய் நேசிப்பவர், நம் கண்ணெதிரே துடிப்பதைக் கண்டு, நாம் அமைதியாக இருப்பதே. அதிலும் அவர் வலியில் துடிக்கும் நேரம் அதை அதிகப்படுத்த நாமே காரணமாக இருப்பது பெருந்துயரம். ஆனாலும் ‘மாமா, நானே வலியில் வேண்டாமென்றாலும் நீ இயற்கை மருத்துவமே தொடர வேண்டும்’ என அவர், வாக்கு பெற்றுருந்ததால், நான் மறுக்காமல் அதையே தொடர்ந்தேன். வலியில் அவர் முகம், கைக்குள் அடங்கா குழந்தையாக மாறியது. முத்தங்களால் மட்டுமே அவர் வலிக்கு மருந்திட முடிந்தது. எப்படியும் வலியை வென்று குழந்தையை பெற்றுவிட போராடினார். அப்படியே ஒரு இரவு முடிந்து இரண்டாவது இரவு தொடங்கியது. முயற்சிகளும் தொடர்ந்தது. வலியின் வேகம், இந்திய வறுமையின் வேகத்தில் பயணிக்க, இறுதியாக, இதற்கு மேலும் பொறுத்தால் சரியாகாது என அடுத்து normal birth-க்கு மாறினோம். (இடுப்பில் மறுத்துப் போகும் வலி தெரியா ஊசி போட்டுவிடும் முறை) கொஞ்சம் வலி குறைய, முயற்சிகள் தொடர்ந்தன. நள்ளிரவு கடந்தபடியே இருக்க, வலியும் கூட, உடற்பயிற்சிகள் தொடர்ந்தன. எனக்கே, இடுப்பு எலும்பு நொறுங்கிவிடுவது போன்ற வலி. ‘அப்படியென்றால் வயிற்றில் குழந்தையோடு இருக்கும் அவங்களுக்கு எவ்வளவு வலிக்கும்’ என யோசித்தபடியே எப்படியாவது குழந்தை பிறந்துவிட வேண்டும் என நினைத்துக்கொண்டே இணையரை தட்டிக்கொடுத்தேன். எங்கள் முயற்சி பலனளிக்கும் வகையில் குழந்தை வெளி வருவதற்கு சில சென்டிமீட்டர் மட்டுமே இருந்தது. என் குழந்தையின் தலையை நானே பார்த்தேன். வாழ்வின் பொக்கிஷமான தருணம். ‘எப்படியும் வெளி வந்துவிடுவான் எங்கள் அன்புத் தங்கம்’ என நினைத்த நேரம், அதுவும் தோல்வியடைந்தது. ஹார்ட் பீட், குழந்தை வெளியே வருவதற்கான தன்மை குறித்தெல்லாம் சில மணி நேர இடைவெளிக்கொரு முறை மருத்துவக்குழு பரிசோதித்தப்படியே இருந்தவர்கள், இறுதியாக இம்முறை ‘இனியும் தாமதப்படுத்த வேண்டாம்’ என்றார்கள். அப்போது மணி காலை ஐந்து. தொடர்ந்து பேசியவர்கள் “இந்தளவு முயற்சி செய்தமைக்கு எப்பொழுதே குழந்தை பிறந்திருக்கணும். ஆனால் சிலரின் உடல்தன்மையினால் இது கடினமாகிறது. மேலும் குழந்தை எடையும் கூட. எனவே யோசிக்க வேண்டாம்” என மருத்துவர்கள் உணர்த்த, அது நியாயமாகவே எனக்கும்பட்டது. இதனால் ‘சி’ செக்சன் போனோம். இதில் கணவருக்கு அனுமதியில்லாததால் வெளியில் காத்திருந்தேன்.

நான் கண்ட சினிமாக்களை மனதில் அசைப் போட்டபடியே. சரியாக அரை மணி நேரத்தில் குழந்தை அழுகைச் சத்தம். முதல் முறை அழுகை, ஆனந்தத்தை கொடுத்தது. பாரதிராஜா படங்கள் போல, நெஞ்சில் பட்டாம்பூச்சிகள் சிறகடித்து பறந்தன. வெண் தேவதைகள் மலர்கள் தூவினர். ‘உங்களுக்கு ஆண் குழந்தைப் பிறந்துள்ளது’ என்றார் தலைமை மருத்துவர். ஆனந்தப்படுவதற்குள், ‘மெக்கோனியம்’ குடித்துவிட்டார். அதனால் அப்செர்வேசனில் இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று தெரிவிக்க, நெஞ்சுக்குள் அடித்த ஆனந்த அலைகள் அப்படியே அசையாமல் நின்றுவிட்டன. விடிந்த சில மணி நேரத்தில், என் கைகளைப் பிடித்தபடி, “குழந்தை எங்கே?” என்றார் இணையர். ‘அவன் நல்லாருக்கான் கண்ணு’ என்றேன். என் கைகளை இறுகப் பற்றினார். அவர் கண்ணில் தெரிந்த ஆனந்தமும், கைகளில் பற்றிய வெப்பமும் இதுவரை நான் காணாத உணர்வு.
அடுத்து குழந்தையின் நலனுக்காக சூரியா மருத்துவமனை அழைத்து சென்றனர். இணையர் வேளச்சேரி-யில், மகனோ சாலிகிராமத்தில். இங்கும்-அங்கும் மாறி மாறி பயணங்கள் தொடர்ந்தது. மகன் NICU –யில் இருந்தான்.
அவன்தான் ‘யாழ்ரூபன்’ ஆச்சே. அதனால் அவரின் முதல் அறிமுகமே, தாய், தந்தையரை விட, தோழர்களுடன் தான். அங்கே, அவரைப் போல நிறைய குழந்தைகள். அவர்களோடு மகன் ஜாலியாகத் தான் இருந்தான். நான் மட்டும் நாள் ஒன்றுக்கு மூன்று முறை பார்க்க அனுமதி.
ஊசிகள் மூலம் மருந்து போடப்பட்டிருந்தது. தமிழ் இனத்தில் பிறந்த குழந்தைகளை, நெஞ்சில் நெல் மணியால் கீறி வீரத்தை விதைப்பார்கள் என நான் படித்த ஞாபகம். என் மகனும் நவீன புறநானூற்று வீரனாக இங்கே இருக்கிறான் என நினைத்துக்கொண்டேன்.

“அவன் பேருக்கேற்பவே போராளி. இந்த மண்ணுக்கு தமது பயணத்தை போராட்டத்தோடே தொடங்கியுள்ளான். வருவான் நம் தலைவன்” என நானும், இணையரும் நம்பிக்கையோடு சொல்லிக்கொண்டோம். நம்பிக்கை மட்டுமல்ல மருத்துவர்களின் சிறப்பான மருத்துவமும், நவீன விஞ்ஞானமும் எங்கள் மகனை நான்கே நாட்களில் நலமோடு எங்கள் கைகளில் சேர்த்தது. இதோ தற்போது எங்கள் கரங்களில் தவழ்ந்து விளையாடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறான் “யாழ்ரூபன்”.

அதிகாரங்கள், ஆதிக்கங்கள் ஒழித்து அன்பை விதைக்கும் அரசியலை போதிக்கும் பயிலரங்கில் பிரசவ அறையும் ஒன்று. இதோ, எங்கள் யாழ்வேந்தன் ‘யாழ்ரூபன்’ தம் பிறப்பின் வழி, எமக்குள் அதை போதித்துள்ளான்.

As always said by our elders becoming a mother makes a woman complete is the incredible fact…

May 6th, 2015 is the memorable day of my life when our little prince made me complete…

Here is my birth story as a MOTHER…

I and my husband were overwhelmed and my family was filled with joy and happiness when my Gynecologist had confirmed that I was positive…

But my first trimester had been a painful time to cross over as there were continuous vomiting due to sudden changes

This will be the time where every woman would require more of psychological support and care should be taken for diet

As I had gone through a stressful time till third month, I started making note of all the changes which would be coming up in future with the help of my Gynecologist…

Through the process of learning about pregnancy from elders, friends, books and Google, my focus had shifted to have normal delivery and this should be taken as a pure coincidence as I came to know about Happymom group in Hyderabad…

It was my by the end of my sixth month when I met Dr.Vinodha who is very patient clearing my doubts through out my pregnancy

Our (I and my husband) first session with her started with diet, excercises and baby positions…

As a working woman, I started exercising phase wise to balance between work and rest, though I had no much change to make in my diet plan…

Our second session was labor rehearsal and labor positions which gave us a lot knowledge and psychological preparation for the BIG day…

Gaining this knowledge helped me a lot to discuss and figure out about

1. Baby position (my baby was in posterior)

2. Birth partner (husband

3. Exercises (Squatting-most useful) with the Gynecologist (Dr.Madhavi)


After the regular checkup, Dr. Madhavi said to me “the baby hasn’t slided down yet” which worried me as it was the end of my 38th week and suggested to continue squatting…

Going furtherance we had another session with Mrs.Vinodha which gave mental strength and more clarity where the discussion went through the time the baby might take and it was like a revision class for me

It was on May 1st when Dr.Madhavi had checked the baby position and asked to keep a track on the outflow of Amniotic fluid

To that she added “be prepared, membrane started to dilate, it is 2cms open, you will be having contractions in the next two days and continue squatting”

Even after two days of waiting there were no contractions but I had a pain which lasted for 5 minutes and then subsided

On May 4th I again had an appointment with the Dr.Madhavi. She examined and the conversation was

Doctor: Doubtfully asked me “are you not having any pain?”

Me: NO, I just feel like a menstrual pain and it was only for 5 minutes

Doctor: Now you will be having pains and will be holding your baby in your hands tomorrow…it would be better to take an admission so that keeping a track would be easy

Though we waited for the next whole day there were no contractions again I seemed very much fine with my position..

Now the actual worry started to my family as there was a clash between what the Doctor is saying and what I was experiencing…

On May 6th when I visited once again, Gynecologist checked me and expressed a doubt “I really wonder why she does not have any pain as the membranes have dilated to 4cms and is open .This is the moment when you have to get admitted into the hospital within two hours as there is no time for the baby to come out…”

Even at the time I could not feel any contractions but we had decided to take admission after speaking to Dr.Vinodha not putting the baby in risk …

As I had no pain I was really not knowing that would be our BIG day which we were awaiting..

It was 3:30PM when I took admission completing all the formalities and the process of checkup of BP and Heartbeat of the baby was being taken

Meanwhile I and my husband started querying the Gynecologist and requested and convinced them not to add any Pitocin for the contractions to strengthen up..

With the knowledge what we had gained through everyone, me and my husband were totally prepared for the delivery to happen on May 7th because I was totally normal till 4:00PM and never had any false pains

At 4:20PM, the contractions started vigorously and the hospital staff shifted me to the labor room…

The Doctor kept on checking as to how many centimeters  the membranes had dilated …

She started saying 5cms, 6cms and then 8cms…

Even at that moment I kept my mental strength up to question the staff about the medicines they are adding to me

The staff and Doctor were really very co-operative who added to my strengths and patiently answered all my questions…

It was around 5:00PM, when Episiotomy had been done and they added your baby is on high way and takes only 5-10 minutes to come out…

After 5 minutes of the unbearable pain I requested for an Epidural to be given…

Now to my surprise the Gynecologist said,” we can’t give any Epidural to you now as the Baby’s head is approaching and you need to push”

After 10 minutes of Pushing, the baby had taken his life into the new world at 5:18PM…

That was the moment which we were waiting for when I held him in my hands and pecked him on his lips


This is my first primi and it was happy to listen from doctors that I had such a simple delivery which took hardly 1.5 hours because of these exercises whereas generally it would be lasting for 12-17 hours.

It’s only our Baby who brought happiness into our lives and strengthened up the bonding between me and my husband (he had tears for me when I was going through the pain in labor room)…

I would like to give the total credit to my husband as it was only him who always supported, strengthened and kept me up through out the pregnancy period…Family members from their experience suggested me to go for C-section but with the full support extended by my husband and the confidence I had from taking these sessions made me strong enough to stand on my decision to opt for normal delivery.

‘Every mom- to- be’ should have a database about the period of pregnancy whether it might be from Google, books or classes etc..

Apart from that they also should be open and free to discuss with the Gynecologist for any kind of suggestions and advices required

I gained that kind of support from Dr.Vinodha and we would be thankful to her for updating us on ‘what, when and how’ things go on… A big thanks.






Mom and babyAishwarya

After 7 years of the waiting that i was able the feel the kick of little one inside my womb, the sensation of life inside my womb .That sensation overwhelmed me with joy making each day of pregnancy celebration. I was also bit anxious about delivery and things that can go wrong. Anyway the anxiety has some positive effects. It helped me in making the healthy lifestyle changes generate the drive to know more about pregnancy  and health.
> Along with husband I decided to join for pregnancy class by Dr Jayashree. Preparing for baby’s arrival was a great bonding experience. The video on delivery shown helped in overcoming the fear about delivery pain developed from previously heard horror stories abt delivery pain and removing myths that has gone into my mind that it is as painful as 21 bones cracking.
> The rest of the days of my pregnancy went by peacfully till eight month. Towards the end of eight month I was taken to labour room to check fetal heart beat.The fetal heart beat turned out be normal but atmosphere in the labour room was unpleasant. Nurses were screaming at patient.As no bystanders were allowed the attitude of the staff was horrible towards the patients underegoing labour pain. During class I had seen labour room walkthrough where bystander was allowed. Most of hospitals in my city didn’t allow bystanders .Finally i found one hospital that allowed for bystanders and went for consultation for 9th month onwards there.
> On 38th week after examination on Wednesday doctor decided to induce on Satuday  .I was not able to complete the my pregnancy class as i had to travel to native.I called up Dr vinoda for labor breathing sessions on Friday morning.She shared few tips which was helpful during delivery
> We started from home around 6:30 to hospital for admission. It was drizzling slightly which was a good sign. we reached hospital around 7:00 . We filled up the forms for insurance and admission. We went for dinner at canteen by that time we got the room. Friday night I got admitted around 10 they one helper came for preparation and moving to labour room.
>  There were five other people admitted in the labour room .I was diligently observing each and every movement of  my predecessors at labour room to understand what i will be going through in the next few hours. One nurse came and to insert IV needle .I never had IV before for a moment i was filled with anticipation of the pain. It was not more than an ant bite but that anticipation of pain was 10 times greater. I was getting settled in my bed comfortably while the duty doctor went through my medical records. An hour later doctor came for examination and medicine was administered for inducing
> By around 1 o clock i got mild discomfort in my back. It was so mild that the word pain would be inappropriate was becoming restless and wanted to walk with the room .I was feeling hungry and bored and wanted to eat something .Everyone except for my mother has left hospital thinking labour will start only the next day and near by cafeteria also got closed so i was not able to eat.
>  About the 3:00 the intensity of the  discomfort has increased and was periodic nature. Then I realized that labour pain has started. With the pain anxiety of delivery also increased .I suddenly remembered about Dr vinoda’s advice to distract yourself from pain.I used rainbow relaxation to distract myself .Time went by very fast. I asked my mother to massage my back. Magic of mother touch or effect of the massage not sure which one helped me to find relief from the pain.
> .I had asked for epidural .Later i realized it was unnecessary. They  administer epidural around 8:30 after that my body started shaking. Doctor asked the team rush to theater. I was wondered whether body was shaking because of epidural sideeffect  and I will be paralysed for rest of my life. As all my predecessors including one who has delivered 3 babies has not been taken to theater I shank into bed one part of the mind was telling I will be paralyzed rest of my life and other part telling it is just the positive sensation of the little one coming out which was a bit overpowering for my body
> They rushed me to theater within seconds. They shifted the bed ,I heard some on screaming “baby is coming out bring the kit fast”. Then I realized it is the baby that shook me and not epidural or paralysis .I was relieved. Suddenly an inexplicable positive feeling filled my body and mind .It would be hardly less than 5 min that i was moved to theatre I could hear the first cry of little one. I asked them whether it my baby who is crying? yes came the replying. I was overwhelmed.
> In the changing table i saw the cute little face.I couldn’t take my eyes off him he gave a innocent gaze back .He kicked his tiny feet as though telling i was the one who was kicking inside and kicking all this while




IMAG0403-1-1-1 Lavanya Yerrama ;

Being first pregnancy it was overwhelmimg. My first trimester went with establishing the fact that I was pregnant.Then came the second trimester where I had people around me suggesting me all sorts of precautionary measures and advices. Then came my third trimester when all my aprehensions about delivery and handling the baby started intruding. I was not confident enough that i would do the things the right way.

          That’s when i came across Dr.Vinodha’s lamaze sessions. My husband suggested that we shall attend the classes n see. Dr.Vinodha’s suggestions on proper diet, the right way of excercising, going through labour, handling the newborn baby and basic facts of breastfeeding came as such a relief. Attending her sessions was such a boon at that time. As I had much more clearer idea as to what and how things are to be done i could enjoy my delivery process with excitement.
          And now having a baby and knowing whats ideal for him, i’m more relaxed and having great time bonding with him. Thanks to Dr.Vinodha for her wonderful support and guiding me through all this. And i would definitely recommend to all moms-to-be to attend these sessions as you will be doing a great favour to yourself and your baby. Knowing what must be done, does flee the fear. ##

 Sangeetha Narayan Balakrishnan ;

For over nine months of an up and down pregnancy period, the thought and expectation of the life that was growing in me gave me utmost happiness and a restlessness for the big day – the day I will hold the little one in my hand. That day arrived on the 17th of April 2014. I was due on the 18th of April and my Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Dr. Nithya Ramamurthi had been following my progress and the baby’s growth closely. Much earlier during the course of my pregnancy, she had suggested me to enroll in the Antenatal classes conducted by Dr. Jayshree (Happy Mother group) in the Fortis-Malar hospitals every week to learn more about the process of birthing and the pre-natal and postpartum care for me and my baby. I followed her advice and attended the classes along with my husband. The classes really helped us in being prepared and understanding the choices we had at the time of delivery and enabled us to make well informed and correct decisions without panicking. I also did all the exercises suggested during the classes and that helped in keeping myself flexible and in good health up to and after my delivery.

Even a week prior to the due date, the baby’s head had not got fixed and doctor was concerned that the baby was too big and the possibility of a surgery seemed high. However, the doctor advised to wait till the due date and then decide based on the situation. Two days prior to the due date, on the 16th of April, as I got ready for an appointment with the Dr. Nithya, I noticed I was bleeding. Upon reaching the hospital, Dr. Nithya kept me under observation for an hour and noted that the contractions were not strong enough though the baby’s head seemed to have finally fixed. After observation of one hour, Dr. Nithya asked me to go home but keep a check on the frequency and number of contractions and to call her and come immediately to the hospital anytime an emergency arises. After getting back home my husband and I kept a check on the contractions but they were not frequent enough to rush to the hospital. And so it was around 12 pm on 17th of April my water broke and it was green in color. I immediately called in the hospital and reached there in about 15-20 minutes. I was taken directly to the labour room where I was kept under watch. Since I was not getting strong contractions, my labor process was induced and dilation was monitored. I also requested for epidural which was to be given at the later stage of labor when the pain would increase but it turned out that I did not go that far in to labour. Dilation was happening slowly at the rate of about 2cm for 4 hour period. After a while Dr. Nithya came around to check and noticed that the progress of dilation was steady and the inducement could be stopped. I mentioned to the doctor that the water was green and that alerted her to the possibility of the fetus being in stress. She punctured the amniotic sac to confirm and it turned out to be meconium in the water. She advised not to risk a normal process as the baby could potentially swallow the meconium filled water which will cause problem to the baby. So, we decided to go ahead with the surgical labor procedure. I was taken to the operation room and all the hospital staff and doctors were very calm and helpful. This helped me stay calm without panicking. The doctors administered local anesthesia which only numbed my lower body and I was awake and able to be aware of the step by step process that the doctors took me through. In a few minutes, my baby was out and I heard his first cry. The doctor said “Its a boy!” and a nurse wiped and wrapped him and immediately brought him to me. I said “Hello” and I rubbed my nose against his…my first intimate moment with my little one!

 Khiruba garan

Till my wife entered her 8th month I thought my work was far from over and it is going to be her duty to take care of our kid. Then the transformation happened after we visited Dr.Jayashree (spell check).

It started off with sessions on exercises and continued for some weeks. During the 3rd class more details on what would happen and how to prepare ourselves for delivery was shared. That made me realise how important for a husband to stand by his wife during these days. I got a temporary transfer from Bangalore to Chennai to stay close to her and participate in her delivery. Having done the exercises regularly along with walking at frequent intervals we are all set for the delivery date with some confidence.

My wife was so anxious the day before her actual due date as she didn’t get any pain. I decided to pacify her by watching a comedy flick and it ran till 2AM in the morning. By 4.30 she got some pain and that was the first sign of delivery. We waited for couple of hours before we went to hospital. After examining her, the duty doctor informed us that the show has started. Here I would like to let all husbands working in Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia (basically 4 to 6 hours travel) to book their flights as you will have ample time to reach before your wife could deliver. By no means I am asking you to stay away till the D day but just a piece of advice.

It was said the pain would increase multi fold in few hours. Did that happen? For the next 2 hours it was only duty doctors and nurses who constantly monitored baby’s heart beat and no sign of pain. At 10.30AM a gel was applied to increase dilation. Then the usual procedure of cleaning and narrating the delivery process happened. By 1 PM there was a slight increase in pain but doctors said this is just a start. It was 3.30 PM and doctors performed the same procedure of applying the gel and monitoring the infant’s heart beat. “If she doesn’t get any more pain then we advise you to go back home and return tomorrow”, was the instruction at 5.30 PM.

By 6.30 PM gel was again applied for one more time. What did I miss here? Yes, the heart rate was measured. The actual show began when the clock ticked 8PM. Contractions were more frequent and it was informed to us that the dilation was about 2-3cms. Another factor to be considered was effacing. Close to 65% effacing was achieved. Now we are sure of staying back in the hospital.

I felt extremely sorry for my wife for the pain she went through. My calculations and imaginations on the labour pain went haywire after watching her actual labour pain. As the pain increased in the next one hour doctors informed us that the dilation was about 4cms and close to 100% effacing was achieved. Just couldn’t bear the pain my wife underwent, we opted for epidural (spell check). Again thanks to Dr.Jayashree for her advice on epidural and when to opt for it. It saved my wife from pain and rest of us from anxiety temporarily. The reason I say it saved us because my wife at some point of time decided to go for C section unable to withstand the pain. This too was discussed in the class.

It was 10 PM and she was into the labour room. After inducing epidural her membrane was ruptured and we were informed that the delivery can happen in the next 4 hours. One more round of gel (or some tablet) was applied and a glucose drip was given to induce pain by 9PM and that was also done to speed up the process. Back to labour room, in the next half an hour the dilation has increased to 8cms and the target is 10cms. In the next 20 mins complete dilation was achieved and the actual process to pushing the baby out was on.

Epidural effect had made my wife not to push so much and doctors advised her to continue to push or stop epidural. That statement made her more conscious and she cooperated very well. One duty doctor was on her stomach and pushing the baby with her hands as and when the contraction happened. When this happened my wife choked for sometime before she could get accustomed. All we heard after that was push, push and pushhhhhhh.

It was 11.56PM and our little princess first saw the earth. Mother kissed the little one and said, “May god bless you. Love you.” I was on cloud nine and not even close to explain the actual feeling of receiving my baby for the first time. As well I am happy for my wife for the normal delivery. How many more thanks should I say for all the support and information we received through various channels? Still a lot pending!

Thank god both baby and mother cooperated very well in the last hour.

The story doesn’t end here. Next article is on lactation issues and how we sorted it?


From a husband who cares for her wife and father who showers unconditional love for her daughter



Flashback to 2015..

I conceived about a year after we had been married. I had some mild pcod and was going for follicular study and tests. Realised that all the constant doctor visits were just making me more stressed. Finally we decided to take a break from the treatment and viola I conceived the same month 🙂 it was a pretty smooth pregnancy. I had boderline gdm that was Controlled with diet. Then in Last trimister my fluid levels reduced so the doctor gave me protein infusion. Then at 37 weeks they said again fluid levels are low and they suggested to. Induce labor. I was clueless and blindly followed doctors advice. Baby head was not fixed and I was no where near delivering the baby. It was a very short induction where I didn’t get any contractions but baby went to distress. So ended up in a csection.

I always wanted 2 kids. I was breastfed my dd for 2yrs 9months. I finally weaned her on June 18th, 2018. Then after a couple of months a few days after my dd’s 3rd birthday we got 2 lines on the pregnancy test .

Right from the beginning I wanted to try for a normal delivery. Over time I had realised that my first delivery was an unnecessary csection. The doctor had to travel to the US a week after she operated on me. So I lost trust there and didn’t want to continue care for my 2nd pregnancy there. I started searching for a Vbac friendly hospital and finalised on Bloom healthcare in velachery. It was closer to both my house and my parents house. I went there after completing 5 months. The doctors were very positive and encouraging regarding vbac. They advised me to attend childbirth classes Conducted by Dr. Jayashree who is a childbirth educator, lactation consultant and a doula.
The classes were very useful in helping us understand the process of labour and what to expect and what not to expect. Really Empowering to know all the information we need to know.
I would suggest all pregnant ladies to attend childbirth classes as it will help us manage our pregnancy and labour in an effective and stress free way. All the exercises and breathing techniques helped a lot during labour time

Coming to the birth part…

I was due on June 16th. Only during my last checkup on June 13th baby’s head was fixed. But it did not descend yet. Doctor advised to wait for pain to start naturally, if not asked me to get admitted on June 19th.
June 16th being a Sunday my dear hubby went on for his usual cricket match, he left home at 6.30am. I woke up at 7.30 to see water leaking and mild contractions had started. I called him and he was on the ground. Finally he answered my call around 9am and he was coming home. Meanwhile we were getting ready to go and get admitted. I gave breakfast to my dd and I also ate, finally myself, hubby Nd mil went to hospital. My dad, brother and sil was already waiting there.

Doctor checked and said bag of waters has not broken. Just some mild leaking and that cervix has started to efface and dialate. They asked me to get admitted for monitoring. By 11.30am I was admitted in hospital, regular ctg was done. I was asked to have a normal diet and do all the labour exercises and walking.
As it was a Vbac delivery there is no option for induction. Only in final stages they might give some medication to quicken delivery. So progress was very slow, but steady. By 16th night I was having 3 to 4 contractions every 10mins but intensity was not as high as expected. Baby head also did not descend much.
Spent one sleepless night with regular checkups and pain. 17th morning doctor checked and I was 2cm dialated, she did membrane stripping to fasten labour. It worked and my contractions picked up in intensity. By evening I was having good progress. But by night I was only 4cm dialated and I was starting to tire out. I asked for epidural to get through the night. They asked for the anesthesiologist to come. By 10.30pm after a strong Contraction my bag of waters broke, we learnt that baby had passed meuconium inside. They did a ctg just 10 mins before this and baby was fine. Doctors again rushed in a d checked. They said it is a grade 1 stain and we can wait and watch for few more hours with constant monitoring of baby to see how labour progress.
But myself and hubby were in 2 minds. We wanted the baby to be safe first. So we decided to have a csection. The entire team was called in and I delivered my baby girl shortly after mignight. She came out screaming and delayed cord clamping was done.

When they opened me up they realised baby had Infact passed lot of meuconium and it was smeared all over the uterus and placenta. We were glad that we took the correct decision.

One more coincidental thing is I weaned my elder dd on June 18th 2018, exactly 1 year later on June18th, 2019 I started my breastfeeding journey with my younger daughter ❤️❤️

Thank you for reading this extremely long post. I wish all pregnant ladies here a safe delivery. To all the new moms here… Seek out help whenever you need it. It takes a village to raise a child and we need virtual villages like this to keep our sanity and raise our babies.



My Birth Story :


May 29th, 2014 – the most memorable day of my life!! My sweet, cute little one came into this world at 3.42 pm, after hours of anxious waiting. Since the news of my conception, life seemed more meaningful and beautiful, with eagerness towards every pre natal visit to what my obstetrician had to say, every scan with which I could feel my baby developing rapidly, and every fetal movement which kept reminding me of the gorgeous gift of joy inside me. I could hardly wait for the day I could finally touch and caress my baby.

June 11th, 2014 was my EDD but my instinct always hinted it would be no later than the last week of May. May 27th, 2014 was the day it all began. I started developing pains in my lower abdomen and as most of you out there, did not know how to differentiate a false labour pain from an actual one. The pain continued through the day and in the evening around 5.00 pm I decided I better visit the doctor once as night was fast approaching and I wanted to clear my mind off this issue no matter what the doctor had to say. So, my mom, brother and me went to the hospital and my obstetrician after examining me ruled out the pain as false labour. She said the os was still closed and so this was no case of labour pains. Phew! There was a slight relief as I knew I still had time to experience REAL labour pains. I went home and the anxious wait continued. Thanks to some of the ante natal classes I attended and the exercises they taught me, I was able to put myself in comfortable positions whenever I got those pains. May 29th, early morning 4.00 am, I woke up with the pains and decided I could not lie down any further. So, I sat down in the chair and started playing Wordament on my ipad! Suddenly I realized I leaked some liquid at around 4.30 am. It instantly struck me that that could be the membrane rupture causing the amniotic fluid to leak out. A tension set inside me. I was happy but at the same time very scared of labour and delivery. Also, I had the notion that if you start leaking amniotic fluid, you would probably end up with a C-section. My doctor’s words rang out to me, “If there is a water or blood discharge, rush to the hospital immediately.” So, I told my mom and by 5.00 am, my parents, brother and I were out on our way to the hospital. The duty doctor examined my condition and after consultation with my obstetrician, told me to get admitted for delivery. She said the cervix had dilated 2-3 cms. Those were the words that actually made me realize that the day had finally arrived!! Immediately, we rang up my husband, grandparents and uncle to inform them. All of them were excited and left for Chennai as soon as they could.

I stepped inside the suite and the nurses were onto me immediately. One of them did the preparation and required cleaning. The staff nurse came in later to examine. This was the moment I realized that I may not be able to bear the pain after all. I realized that bearing the pain not only included the pain of contractions but also the pain of internal examination. Only after real experience did I realize that almost every half an hour, the nurses examine thoroughly to check the head position of the baby, to turn the baby with their fingers if required to assist in safe delivery, the cervical opening length etc. Once I decided that bearing the pain would be tough for me, I decided to go for epidural with the doctor’s advice. I think this was a very wise decision I made and at the right time too!!

After the 1st examination, the staff nurse, Mrs. Devi said the cervix was 4 cm dilated and the head was descending fast. So I was made to change into the hospital’s clothes and moved to the labour room. My mom and dad wished me good luck and from their faces I could gauge that they were really tensed. My aunt and uncle, who stay in Chennai, had also arrived by then and they too gave me a few words of confidence. With all their blessings, I moved to the labour room, where I stayed on till 4.30 pm that evening. Nurses, Devi and Sundari were there with me throughout and talking to them helped me a lot to distract and divert myself during the period of anxious waiting. Anesthetist came in around 11.30-12.00 to give me the epidural. I was made to sit straight and she injected the medicine somewhere near my spine. I asked her all the technicalities I wanted to know related to epidural and she answered them patiently. Epidural is not general or local anesthesia. It is different from what they give during a C-section. With epidural, you may not be able to feel the pain of contractions but you will still feel the need to push during the later stages of delivery. After my dose of epidural, the pains suddenly seemed to disappear and I felt much more comfortable. I did not feel any pains and started chatting happily with the nurses. The epidural really helped. That was when my mom decided to just pay a visit to see if I was alright. Seeing me chit-chatting, she was sweetly surprised!! Sister Devi continued to monitor and my obstetrician also came in twice to see the labour progressing. Anesthetist also dropped in to see if the dosage was intact. When I felt my left leg go numb, they stopped the epidural dosage and said they would continue if required later on. As the time went past 2, I noticed a slight restlessness even amongst the nurses. They kept saying the baby was descending but there was no major progress to hint delivery anytime soon. I started panicking a little and wondered if they might end up doing a C-section. When so many thoughts were running in my mind parallel, the nurses called in my obstetrician, arranged all the tools required, hot water, cotton etc. They said that crowning would happen anytime! They asked me to start pushing whenever I felt the contractions. The epidural, however was not allowing me to feel the contractions fully. This was the only minute disadvantage of the epidural. But given a choice, I would opt for epidural + vaginal delivery any day. I asked the nurse to help me out. So she would tell me when I needed to push and that was when I would push too. The doctor arrived and within few minutes of pushing, the baby came out. Doc lifter her and said “Congratulations, Brindha. It’s a baby girl”. She placed the baby on my tummy so I could touch and feel her. Doc said it was a big baby and the cord was twice around the baby’s neck that’s why the slight delay in delivery towards the end. I was so filled with emotions that I was literally crying during this moment. It was un paralleled joy, happiness, wonder and a beautiful feeling, “I am a mother!”

They took the baby away for examination by the pediatrician. My doc continued the other stages of delivery – removing the umbilical cord and finally the placenta. We had also booked for stem cell banking. So, this guy from the bank had also arrived to collect all the required items. This was also happening parallelly. I was totally exhausted and felt giddy lying there on the bed, crazily happy that my baby was born and extremely tired to think anymore about the day’s happenings. Seeing my state, my doc asked them to bring my baby back to me so that she could stitch up the place quickly. They gave me my baby and I held on to her very cautiously. She was my first support after delivery. I felt so safe and comforted by her warmth that all the pain I underwent seemed nothing at all and I realized then what it felt like to be a mother! A salute to all the mothers out there! They took her away again and then I suddenly realized, “Did she cry?” So frantically I asked my doc whether she did cry because I dint pay attention to that. All the nurses started laughing at my innocent inquisitiveness and my doc said she cried in the pediatrics room next door, when she was taken there for examination.

After the doc had completed her work, I thanked her as she left the labour ward. The nurses all sat down to relax. My head was spinning as I wanted to just doze off. My wheel chair arrived. I was still bleeding. I asked my mom to come in as I wanted to see her badly. I felt so relieved on seeing her smiling face. They covered me in some clothes and sent me off to my suite. My baby also came with me. My mom carried her. As I came out of the labour room, a whole battalion of known faces greeted me – my brother, grandparents, aunt, friends but my husband was nowhere to be seen. Finally when the lift opened, I saw him and felt emotional once again. These things may seem funny now and inexplicable but these are moments that remain in your heart for long. I could sense that he was thrilled and I felt happy. So, finally I was in my suite along with my bundle of joy! I was so exhausted I could think of nothing other than food. My mom fed me while my baby was sleeping happily next to me. After I came back to my normal self, I fed my baby under the guidance of a nurse and realized this was a bond that would never be broken ever, a bond that would bloom to give so many more precious moments in the years to come – the bond between Ananya (my baby) and me; a bond between any mother and her child!!!!

Father Side

May 29, 2014 – It was business as usual for me. I was heavily sleeping in Bangalore at chandralayout house when the call came from Mom in law at around 5 AM. I was perplexed at the moment, but felt instinct happiness .Picked up the call and she said bindhu felt pain and taking her to hospital. I went sleepless imagining the things to come. After a brief panicking, I called her up and asked “Can I start from Bangalore? “…and the answer was “YES!!!”…I rushed to pack the things, looking for best mode of travel to reach earlier …earlier before my bundle of joy pops out of mom’s womb…

Caught the auto in front of chandralayout water tank and went straight to ATM to withdraw money. Alas! I realized I missed the credit card at home…took the auto back to home to get the card..The clock is ticking! Its 6.30 and the bus would leave sharply at 7 AM…The good auto driver rushed in frantic pace and the Samaritan took me to the bus stand at the right time!!!

I took the KPN Bus and slowly settled down. Meanwhile I called mom in law once again and got the opportunity to speak to my gal – bindhu. She felt confident while speaking and I felt very relieved as I was worried about her pain! The bus started and my joy and anxiety compounded with every inch the bus moved. I continuously bothered about reaching the hospital early and I wished the bus move faster and clock tick slower!!  It was 8 AM and realized it’s just nearing Hosur – Wished I could afford a chopper….Called my manager and informed I would be on leave – not telling how many days! She was fine with it and wished us good luck!!

With every passing minute, my restlessness increased as I was constantly checking the updates with prashu and mom in law. Meanwhile my parents called and gave me words of comfort.

Much to my disgrace and unhappiness, the bus stopped for brunch break at A2B!!I really hated the word ”BREAK” at this moment. After few moments, the bus started again. When I called prashu I understood bindhu was inside the OT and delivery may happen by 1.30 PM– the time the bus was supposed to reach Chennai. I was worried more when I heard the Life cell, which was supposed to collect the stem cells, were not responding properly. Immediately, I called sadam hussain from life cell, scolded him and threatened to sue his company if anything goes wrong! Such was the terrible anger in my voice, he made repeated calls to me to ensure all were in place.

The clock was ticking and its now 11.30 AM when the disaster happened – The bus broke down and stopped at the same point for quite some time. I quarreled with bus driver as he was caught up between arranging the mechanic and arranging alternative transport. Thank god, we got another bus and continued our journey. Meanwhile I was constantly wondering what would be going on in OT. How bindhu and the baby were. Much to my relief, the life cell team arrived and was ready to go.

The bus finally reached Chennai at 1.30 and my heart palpitated, as I thought I may not be able to reach on time.However,I  heard from father in law that the delivery was delayed .It rang music to my ears as i got glimmer of hopes now that I would be there on time at any cost. Quickly hired an auto, reached the hospital at 2.00 PM. I ran inside the hospital without collecting any change from autorickshaw!!

Rushed to second floor, it resembled a typical delivery scene in any Tamil movie! Scores of people in tense mood, I saw mom in law, father in law, prashu, neighbor aunty and prema aunty. The nurse came out and went Inside the OT. There was no sign of what was happening inside the OT.I were completely tensed and was speechless at the moment. Sweat oozed everywhere from my body but a pleasant sense of joy shivered down my spine. I waited for 30 minutes and the nurse suddenly came and told,”Still no pain.. 🙂 …It would take at least an hour!! “

Thereafter I and prashu went to canteen to have tea and to get few biscuits. All of a sudden, prashu got a call saying “It wud happen in 5 minutes “…Then we left quickly to reach the OT. With tensed faces around, the doc came out with the little princess. He announced “It’s a gal”…..

He called me and showed me the baby. Seeing my baby, I was on cloud nine and my joy knew no bounds.Anany


My Birth Story:

Vidhya Lakshmi

twoOur daughter, Avyakta had arrived to the world on 9th May 2014 through a normal delivery. There is no word to express the happiness that my husband, Kundan and I experienced. Kundan always wanted a girl baby and was very sure we’ll have one ever since we started talking about baby.

I was in my 39th week of pregnancy then and my EDD was just a week due; so we were all set for the labour to start anytime. I had bloody show that afternoon which I ignored as there was no pain. Late in the evening after 9pm I started sensing some contractions which I again ignored as false ones. But as the contractions were almost regular at about 30 min frequency for next 4 hours (it was 1am by then) both Kundan and my mom were insisting on hurrying to the hospital. However, I did not believe it to be the onset of labour and so was dragging until 2 am; beyond that both were in no mood to sleep calm. So we three finally started to the hospital with our pre-packed baggage while it was heavily raining outside. All through I was nagging about heading to thehospital without any significant sign of labour and even prodded to return home and come for a check-up the following day only to invite stares from both of them. When we reached the hospital I was directed by the emergency to the labour ward by a nurse to perform CTG. The nurse also made an internal examination on me and reported to my gynaecologist (Dr.NR), the CTG parameters and that my cervix had dilated for about a couple of centimetres. As per the doctor’s advice I was admitted in the ward and until then though I had many contractions none of them was painful. After 8am my contractions were meagrely painful that I can sense them without having to touch the rock hard tummy. At 9am the nurse examined and reported 4cm dilation and I was taken to the labour ward at 10am. I was changed to a hospital gown and asked to lie on the bed there when they put IV lines onto my wrist. The absolutely fearless and painless me felt a jerk while the lady in the adjacent bed screamed out and kept moaning in labour; all of a sudden the sky was falling on me. I was trying my best to behave deaf to her cries and blind to the restless bunch of people hovering around her while a nurse wired me sufficiently, tagged me with label in the wrist and injected some support meds to the IV fluid. Paradoxically my contractions came to a halt for next 45 min (CTG said so) so I had the least to divert myself from the next bed lady’s deadly shrieks (or it just seemed so for me??!). Approximately by 10.55am I finally felt strong contractions that were still bearable but I felt so suffocating and sweating though the room was chilled by AC. I refused to take epidural as I hardly felt any unbearable pain. The labour progressed to second stage in hardly 10 minutes time and I felt a strong urge to push. The adjacent lady just delivered her baby and every other staff was around her at that time while I shouted ‘I feel like pushing, sister’. The surprised (or shocked she was?!) head nurse quickly re-allocated resources and beckoned for Dr.NR and a paediatrician, Dr.Prabhakaran while readying me for the delivery. Meanwhile I had called for Kundan and mom and in no time the doc and other assistants arrived around me. I felt like urinating and so the nurse fixed a catheter to empty my bladder which was uncomfortable and the doc broke the sac.  Kundan almost fainted as he couldn’t stand the sight of blood and so had to go out while amma was in. The pain was in peak by now and I can remember only a long push and a brief one to deliver the bundle of happiness at 11.25am; people in the labour room called it ‘a super express delivery’.The first cry of our little princess was such a heavenly music. After that the placenta was delivered, cord blood and tissues were collected and episiotomy stiches were put, all in about half an hour while the bundle of joy screened by Dr.Prabhakaran was taken to neonatal room for preliminary tests. The baby was handed to me by a sister after I got shifted to the ward after an hour when I first breast fed my sweet little angel blissfully. Tonnes of thanks to Dr.NR who made it happen, nurses and other assistants in the labour ward for their support and not to mention the massive care of Kundan and prayers of my mom& aunt.I bet without Dr.Jayashree’s antenatal classes which I religiously followed, my delivery wouldn’t have been such a cake-walk experience.