thumbnailChildbirth Class

Childbirth class will give information to expecting couples on decision making with the choices of birth like Normal,painless labor,Induction,c-section etc…. All information are on evidence based approach and thus helping couples to make an informed decision .

We educate on the pain relieving methods Breathing,water,massage etc..

Exercises to ease the expecting mother to empower & to be independent through out the pregnancy.

Imparting knowledge on common myths in regards to food, Life style, sleeping pattern, clothes etc….

Learning comfort techniques during labor and practicing breathing and relaxation that will help to faciliate labor and birth as well as decrease pain and fatigue.

Video sessions,facility tour etc… these will comfort you on the ambiance which you will be during labor.

Guiding the expecting couple on the post delivery days and information on Birth control methods discussed.

We mentally empower you for natural birth along with  family.Sessions are held with the family members to understand your world better.

We do prepare the mother for post delivery days like Breastfeeding,Newborn Care,Post natal Fitness and Mothers club and so on..(Kindly check the services section about post delivery and Breastfeeding)
What to bring
Come in comfortable dress to perform exercises.
Bring Drink and eatables to keep you Hydrated.
Separate mats provided if required you can bring your personal mats.
Medical records.
Notepad and Pen.

Who can Accompany
We encourage family members to attend the sessions. As childbirth will be cherished when a mother receives support from her family. To accomplish this knowledge understanding is required .We create that environment for you.


HypnoBirth Sessions

HypnoBirth is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not need to be a natural accompaniment of birthing when a women is properly prepared and trusts her birthing body.

It is a rewarding , relaxing ,stress free method of Birthing when a woman is properly prepared and trusts her birthing body. Expected couples who wants to choose Natural Birth(kindly look our natural birth choices) as a choice of their birth will be finding HypnoBirth a guide to experience Natural Birth.

Materials and Handouts are given.

Kindly check Contact Us or Events section to know more on our next session on HypnoBirth and its venue.


When to Attend

Anytime you can start your HypnoBirth Class .Preferably after 20 weeks of pregnancy.


Who should accompany

Preferably Spouse if not a person who accompanys the expected mother during her birth can accompany.(eg .mother, friend, sister…)

  IMG-20170414-WA0009[1]Aquanatal Classes for Pregnant moms

Aquanatal is a wonderful form of safe exercise during pregnancy. Aquanatal helps you to feel good about yourself.This session will help a mother be prepared on the way to use the birth during labor. Positions , breathing , comfort techniques taught in this session. The benefits of buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure  makes the participation of Aquanatal not only enjoyable but also advantageous to women both during and after their pregnancy.This is the most preferable sessions for those couples choosing Water Births.

_KKK8556Preparation for Aquanatal Session
After 30 weeks of Pregnancy
Come in a Comfortable dress and a changing dress.
Accompanied with your caretaker (preferably spouse).

Birth Pool Session

It has been widely reported that immersion in water during the first stage of childbirth reduces the pain of labor. Various theories as to the reason for the reduction of pain include the suggestions that the mother is better able to assume a comfortable position and that the warmth of the water may produce a sedative effect; immersion has been shown to decrease the release of several stress and anxiety related hormones.. No anesthesiologist is required, and there is no risk of trauma or the complications of anesthesia. Thus, water immersion during the labor is a relatively ideal method for providing analgesia during labor.

Preggo Dance Session

HappyMom PreggoDance is been planned to make pregnancy Joyful & Pleasurable.
As most moms are in this stressful environment of home work, official work and handling time which has been found to be very stressful for many. Many doesn’t find time to exercise and relax themselves.
We had planned this so Moms will burst out their stress at the same time unknowingly they are performing a cardio activity with fun & joy along with their spouse which brings a bonding between them.
We make sure couples are fit for this regime as we go through your medical history and under your Gynaec consent you been enrolled. All movements are been taught with utmost care so there won’t be any issues for the moms.
As everyone knows the benefit of Dancing as a pregnant mom it do benefit your baby too as your enjoyment been felt by baby .

Birthing Again,Refresher Class

This refresher class is designed for experienced parents who want to brush up on birthing skills. Highlights of the class include insightful ways to reflect on your previous birth(s), learn new pain-coping skills to add to what worked before, time to connect with this baby, and ways to prepare siblings for the new arrival .

Belly Mapping

HappyMom has introduced first time in Chennai and Hyderabad on Belly Mapping.

One Day Childbirth Class

This one day class is a fast paced, streamlined class for couples who are unable to attend a longer series or for those who have had a baby before and want to update their information and birthing skills.

Preggodance for Pregnant Mothers

Dance Session for Pregnant moms/Expecting couples which makes them to perform Cardio activity through dance. Its Fun & Fitness been performed at the same time. Unknowingly stretches and endurance is getting improved through this dance session.

Who can attend: After 20 weeks of Pregnancy to 40 weeks can attend after your physician approval

Movement Therapy for Pregnant Mothers

The session will focus on a culmination of different well being tools used to help young parents understand the importance of bonding, the sense of touch and how to apply our surroundings as a positive contribution to our lives .The young parents are encouraged to explore well being and holistic concepts not just for themselves but also to share the same with their entire family, thereby creating a positive atmosphere all around.

Movement therapy and it’s impact on one’s body in a positive manner.  A soothing massage that leads the individuals in a good talk through meditation.

Varmam and Thokkanam Massages

Varmam is the seat of wind,breath or source /seat of life.There are points in human body at which the normal flow of life is at times affected .Thus varma condition develops .as it causes debility it is called varmam.when such points are hit or attacked directly or indirectly condition abnormal results leadind to physical disfunction.Varmakalai defines,describes such conditions and prescribes cures.
.pressing or massaging the affected area with medicated oils is thokkanam.
.drugs powdered and bundled are dipped into heated oils used to treat the affected area is called pottanam.various medicinal roots,leaves ,herbals powders and spices are roasted in herbal oils and packed in bundles.the treatment starts with a body massage using herbal oils suitable for the individual skin.
.Abhyanagam-to anoint –specific oils are chosen for the head and body,according to skin type.Then a soothing steam follows,helping the skin absorb the herbal oils.
Sirodhara-this unique treatment is always done in conjunction with a body massage.After the massage ,warm herbal oil is gently,steadily ,poured on the forehead.this continous pouring of oil is accompanied by a tender scalp massage.
Pregnancy Massage
It is done for the pregnant women , stimulated points found around the pelvic region helps to reduce low back pain, giving treatment for three to five days helps them for normal delivery.
DURATION: One day to five days of treatment can be given
Foot Reflexology
Reflexology involves massage, and the application of pressure, to points on the feet, which correspond to various organs and systems in the body.Reflexology provides a sense of well-being and helps prevent problems from starting.Reduces swelling in feet and ankles.Relieves tired, aching feet. Improves sleep quality and aids in digesstion. Creates a sense of well-being for the foetus.The mother feels supported mentally, physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy.
Reflexology during labour can intensify contractions and shortens labor as a result.
When to Start
It’s safer to start after the twelfth week of pregnancy for general relaxation and only if there is no history of miscarriage or bleeding.After 38 weeks of pregnancy helps in natural induction of labor.
Massages are advised after your physician advice.