Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding and thrilling experiences a family can have. Becoming a parent is an immense exercise in applied knowledge .We recognize that you are a unique woman, giving birth with your own unique experiences, preference and coping style.


Childbirth ClassHypnoBirth Sessions  Aquanatal Classes for Pregnant momsBirth Pool Session Preggo Dance SessionBirthing Again,Refresher Class Belly Mapping One Day Childbirth Class Movement Therapy for Pregnant Mothers Varmam and Thokkanam Massages   Childbirth Class Childbirth class will give information to expecting couples on decision making with the choices of birth like…

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Labor and Delivery

Birth Fears Workshop: Exploring Expectations and Fears of Labor. This is an uplifting and creative one designed to help pregnant women (and partners) identify their preconceived expectations of labor, acknowledge their fears and find…

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Breastfeeding /Lactation

    Many traditional societies have recognized that a new mother is often vulnerable and sensitive and needs encouragement and support. The informal, traditional support system that positively reinforced breastfeeding in the past may no longer be in place where modernization and bottle-feeding have become the norm. The promotion of…

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New Born Care

This class designed for both pre and post natal mothers which will help you to gain confidence in taking care of your new baby. We strongly encourage all expectant parents to attend newborn care classes to gain a better understanding of this topic, and help give them a little more…

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HOW TO REGISTER ? Classes are held at various locations in Chennai & Hyderabad.  Please check for class Locations when registering. Need to take prior appointments for the class, any cancellations has to be informed 24hrs earlier. If you have any additional questions / Information feel free to contact us – we are happy to help.

Breastfeeding story

My Motherhood story My husband and I are IT professionals who work for 10-12 hours a day. Like any other couple we wanted to step into our next phase of life, to become parents. In midst of my stressful job, my pregnancy got confirmed and this brought us great happiness and joy. I was on a conventional thought that normal delivery is a boon that happened only in older days for the yesteryear mothers. My husband thought this is just a mind set and encouraged me to mentally prepare for the big day.

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Our water birth journey.The Search:The Finding:The First Impression:The PreparationThe D-Day(s)The Dining and Dancing:The Laughing and Crying: (Vinod Speaks…)The Prince is Crowned:Vidhuran Arrives:  WATER BIRTH STORY – OSKAR    09.01.2019–Wednesday  Wednesday we took off from work as I was schedule for the last growth scan before the delivery at 38 weeks and 4 days.…

Jayashree Jayakrishnan , HpnoBirthing Chennai Dr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan, Birth Educator,WaterBirth Consultant,Lactation Consultant on Natural Birth Dr.Vinodha Vunnam ,Lamaze childbirth educator,certified Hypnobirthing practitioner,Lactation counsellor,Birth coach speaks about LAMAZE Dr.Padmini Balagopal, International Board certified Lactation Consultant Alosanai Neram Show in Sun TV.     Dr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan and Dr.Kavitha Gautham on Breastfeeding importance on World…

Women’s Day celebataion in Anupama Hospital,Hyderabad Breastfeeding week 2014, : Swapna healthcare with Galact. Guest talk by Dr. Kamalakar and Dr.vinodha   Dr.vinodha at Mom and me in 2013 with lifecell….breastfeeding awareness   Dr.vinodha at Rainbow hospital with medella…a session by Janet-scientific educator   Dr.vinodha at Parvathi hospita in feb…

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What Mother Say's


From 5th month of pregnancy I started attending prenatal claases which really equipped me for the toughest part of my life "delivery".


During my entire pregnancy, I've read almost all of birth stories and have loved the really detailed ones.

Ekam Foundation Ekam focused on fundraising for hospitalisation expenses, drugs support, and equipment support.