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Dr. Padmini Balagopal

drDr. Padmini Balagopal, is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She is an IBCLC practicing (part time)in United States and in India. She was a Senior Nutritionist in the Residents Protection Program in Delaware, USA and presently works as a Consultant with many Agencies. She has also been involved in community education in the field of preventive health. She served as a board member of the IBLCE. She believes in sound scientific knowledge and an evidence-based approach in the areas of Nutrition and Breastfeeding. She believes that only a thorough understanding of the basic framework of Indian social structure can help in developing effective strategies and achieve successful outcomes. She tries to communicate with the whole family and believes that developing a good rapport is the first step in building a stable and trustworthy bedrock for services. Customizing services to the needs of the client and the client’s lifestyle can help to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes. Helping the new mother initiate and establish successful breastfeeding (whether she is at home or managing outside work also) will not only help the mother to regain good health but also help to prevent a host of disease conditions from Diabetes Mellitus, ear infections, to obesity and so much more in the newborn infant while contributing to his/her overall mental health. Breastfeeding has always been the mainstay of mankind but science is showing us that in this practice,  we were right all the time (!) and that this is a time-tested, proven practice that helps the newborn’s immediate and future health.

She had been an inspirational one in setting a service care for Mother’s. We owe to you Mam…


Dr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan

jai picDr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan is the Founder and Director of HappyMom.

She is a native of chennai with her schooling done in church park and her graduation as Bachelor of physiotherapy from Dr.MGR Medical University in the year 2005.In 2006 she was a Fitness Manager in Talwalkers, Bangalore where she was placing fitness programs for women’s exclusively.In a thirst to learn more and to widen her knowledge in 2007 she joined RECOUP, a Neuromuscular Rehablitation centre in Bangalore.In RECOUP she was intially handling the peadiaric department dealing with the Neuro development techniques,Milestone development , Motor,Sensory and Gross Asssessments for kids.Later she moved in to IT companies as an Ergonomic Specialist/Consultant dealing Repetative Strain Injuries (RSI).

Dr.Jayashree was an Ergonomic Consultant in major IT companies in Bangalore AMD,CSR,Sterling Commerce,Quintiles.etc..During that period she got herself trained in Pilates , Tai Chi ,Alexander Technique and got certified as Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist from AFPA(USA).

After Years of experience she moved back to Chennai in 2008 and joined Ergonomic Intiative as an Senior Ergonomic Specialist consulting externally.She started to explore the fitness needs of a pregnant women and planned to setup programs from the ground level where the service will be provided to all classes of the society.With growing awareness of health and fitness she placed a full fledged maternity help centers in Hospitals and Nursing homes in and around the city.In 2010 she started HAPPY MOM with a motto of healthy motherhood experience with proper guidance and awareness.

Dr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan is an India’s Representative for ICEA(International Childbirth Educator Association).Conducted workshops for aspirants who want to persue a career in Childbirth Education.She is an Associated Member of OGSSI Obstetrician and Gynaecologists of Southern India.

She is the first person to get trained in Spinning Babies in Chennai.

Dr.Jayashree J is trained in Mongan Method of HypnoBirth . She is officially HypnoBirthing Institute certified HypnoBirth Practitioner.

Dr.Jayashree J is the First person in Chennai to be a Certified DONA(International Doula of North America ) Doula .

Dr.Jayashree J is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant from IBLCE .IBLCE is valued worldwide as the most trusted source for certifying practitioners in lactation and breastfeeding care.Dr.Jayashree is the second IBCLC in Tamilnadu following her chief and guru Dr.Padmini Balagopal. Nationally Dr.Jayashree is a member of Breastfeeding Promoting Network of India.

Now she is actively in the field of Natural Birth and Waterbirth . She is an Associate member Obstetric and Gynaecological Society of Southern India.Spreading awareness about the organic diet ,lifestyle and its health implications. Been with Waterbirth International Founder Barbara Harper in setting out waterbirth concept in Hospitals.

Dr.Jayashree Jayakrishnan is the First person in Chennai to Introduce the concept of Aquanatal  Fitness Sessions for Expecting Couples.

She had done Paper Presentation International Lactation Consultant Association(ILCA), and Nationally Poster / Paper presentation in Neonatalogist Conferences/ Gynaecologist Conferences. She is working in many upcoming research topics related to childbirth and Lactation.As of now she had guided more than 10000 families in Childbirth / Lactation. Had assisted near to 100 Childbirths , of which 46 are waterbirths ,remaining are Natural Births.

With great blessings and support from her parents,friends and specifically all the gynaecologists, Obstericians, Paediatricians who are motivated to set up a better medical facility for their patients helped for the birth of HAPPY MOM .


Prof Dr M S Saravanakumar

dr mss photo 1mb

Dr M S Saravanakumar received his Masters in Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry (MDS) from College of Dental Sciences (CODS) Davangere, Karnataka. He is a Best Outgoing student (MDS) with a University rank holder (RGUHS, Bangalore).He received Fellowship award 2014 from Indian Society

for Dental Research (ISDR chapter of IADR) and PEDO MASTER PROF MAARC SAADIA EXCELLENCE AWARD 2015. National Dental Achievers Award 2015. Doctor’s choice city winner award 2015. He islisted in global network as preferred INDIAN TONGUE TIE PROVIDER. He is a senior consultant in Chennai Apollo hospitals. He has guest lectured extensively and conducted Laser Assisted Paediatric Dentistry (LAP-D) ® National workshop in speciality conference (ISPPD). He is an Associate Editor in journal of dental health, oral disorders and therapy (JDHODT). Published articles in various journals. UNIVERSITAT DE LES VALLS EUROPE – ADJUNCT FACULTY.



Andrea a movement therapist,Fitness enthusiast,and creative movement specialist has worked with age groups spanning from 6 months babies to 80 yrs and beyond. She has helped transform lives using movement as a therapeutic tool for individuals to feel light with their bodies and to embrace positivity in every aspect of their life.She has worked with respectable institutions, corporates and ngo’s for the last 15yrs developing content based on movement,Fitness and healthy living.For more details do check out www.andreajacob.com

Varsha has done her Masters in Child Care and Education, also a graduate in Masters in Communication.Worked as a lecturer for about 7 years. She is an active member in Mother Support Group in Chennai.She is also a Breast Milk Donor in Vijaya Milk Bank.Being a mother of 1 year old son , she got in to the steps of helping new mothers in the Journey of Motherhood by forming HappyMomMother’s Club in and around Chennai.She is in a process of acquiring her La Leche League Leader credits.



Happy Mom joined hands with Mothers’ & Infants’ Lactation/Breast-feeding Care Centre (MILC) in a moto of spreading the warmth and goodness of breastfeed to the society .We are currently helping mothers who are experiencing problems in regards to breastfeed and guiding them through the options in a most comfortable manner.

MILC is the brainchild of pediatricians Dr S Subramanian and Dr S Meenakshi Subramanian. They set up this centre with Dr Padmini Balagopal, a certified lactation consultant.Happy Mom and MILC team had placed their centre’s in many hospitals in and around chennai , Smriti clinic in Alwarpet with a vision of problem free breastfeed.