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Online Pregnancy/Childbirth Classes

If you’re expecting your first child, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by questions, fears, and not knowing what to expect. Many soon-to-be parents find that birthing classes really help calm their worries and answer many questions.

Sometimes expectant parents cannot attend an on-site Childbirth class

1.due to work schedule

2.time constraints

3.medical conditions childbirth classes in their location

Happy mom online classes are ideal for these expectant parents.

 Happymom online classes – education at finger tips

  •  The online classes provide an engaging and self paced learning environment
  •  Expectant parents can virtually interact with certified childbirth professional
  •  Registrations and payments are also available online

Benefits of Taking the online Childbirth Class

A childbirth class can be a great forum to ask lots of questions and can help you make informed decisions about key issues surrounding your baby’s birth. Information you can get from a birthing class includes:

  • how your baby is developing
  • healthy developments in your pregnancy
  • warning signs that something is wrong
  • how to make your pregnancy, labor, and delivery more comfortable
  • breathing and relaxation techniques
  • how to write a birth plan
  • how to tell when you are in labor
  • pain relief options during labor
  • what to expect during labor and delivery
  • the role of the coach or labor partner

The classes also address what to expect after the baby is born, including breastfeeding, baby care, and dealing with the emotional changes of new parenthood.

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Online Consultation?

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